Moss update


Yesterday I passed along the news from Randy Moss’ former agent Tom DiPiero that Moss would finish his career without a sports agent. DiPiero and Moss had been together since Moss was in high school. Now it appears that Moss is actively pursuing a new agent, and there are plenty that would love to represent the future Hall-of-Fame WR. He seems to be specifically looking for an agent that can market him for sponsorships and commercials to maximize his value as he nears the end of his career. Here’s what he told the Boston Herald:

I’m still playing at a high level, I’m still marketable. I’m looking for an agent that’s going to get out there and market my marketing ability, because I still feel like I can shoot commercials and do this and do that. I just need somebody that will get that off-the-field money, man, what I deserve.”

Where does that leave football? Randy had an encouraging message for Patriots’ fans:

Also, I wanted to let the fans know, this is my year. I’m going to play my year. I’m not coming in causing any conflicts or being disgruntled. I know it’s a business. Once you get up there in age, people start speculating about your performance.

“I’m ready to get out here, practice, and try to make myself and this team better, to try to make a Super Bowl run.”

While this may seem like it could be a huge distraction (and it may be), the upside is that Moss will be looking to maximize what he’s going to earn on and off the field. In order to maximize that value, he’s going to have to have another big season, similar to what he did in 2007 when he set the record for TD receptions in a single season. That year also happened to be the last time Moss was in a contract year, just like he is now. A motivated Moss and a fully recovered Tom Brady is a pretty foundation to building a championship season.

What this means for Moss’ future in New England is uncertain. a lot will depend on who he hires as his agent. If he is truly out to maximize the dollars he can bring in his final NFL seasons, he will most likely be out of the Patriots’ price range. It’s possible that more advertisements and sponsorships could offset a “hometown discount,” but that’s probably wishful thinking.

In addition to the Randy Moss Sports Agent Derby, he joined his teammates, including QB Tom Brady, for OTA’s in Foxborough today. Last week the rookies and other new additions to the team were in town for OTA’s. The veterans are coming to join them this week.

Despite being in the lull of the offseason, the Pats continue to keep things interesting.