Falcons & Patriots Mini Re-Cap!


After improving their record to 2-1 on the season with their 26-10 victory over the Atlanta FalconsThe New England Patriots have to be feeling very good, at this time.  As they did just about everything they needed to do in order to get a win, especially with the cruddy weather conditions at Gillette stadium on Sunday.  The running game (168 yards) looked the best it has in a long time.  With the attack being led by Fred Taylor, who rushed for 105 yards and his first rushing TD, in a Patriots uniform. 

For the most of the game the offense was firing on all cylinders, well most of it anyways.  QB Tom Brady, who’s still trying to get back into the groove of things after missing the entire 2008 season.  Actually started showing signs of returning to his old self, verse the Falcons.  As he passed for 277 yards and a TD, on 42 attempts.  More importantly for the Patriots, is that Brady didn’t turn the ball over.  Which was something that pestered Brady during the first two games of the season.

Now, I say just about everything since they still performed well below par when it came to their red-zone chances.  As once again the Patriots left a lot to be desired, when it comes to their red-zone play.  Which happens when you end YET another game with only a 20 % efficiency rating.  When you’re given five shots in the red-zone to score a touchdown.  And fail to do convert on 4 of those 5 chances.  It leaves fans with a nasty taste of bitterness in their mouths. 

One of the few good things for New England when it comes to their play in the red-zone.  Fans of the team know they can still count on the leg of kicker Stephen Gostkowski.  As the 2 time Pro-Bower, Gostkowski converted all 4 of his attempts.  Which if it wasn’t for those 4 FG’s, the Falcons would have been in a much better position to win this game.  Since the score would have been 14-10, and who knows what might have happened later in the game.

That’s it for now folks!  I’d love to continue this and expand on what a great victory this was.  Unfortunately for me, I have a little one that needs some attention.  For the time being let’s enjoy this moment and savor this great PATRIOTSSSSS WINNNN!  As we now set our sights on this weekend’s upcoming opponent, the Baltimore Ravens!