Here's the one thing that is bugging me the most this preseas..."/>  

Here's the one thing that is bugging me the most this preseas..."/>

Conducting A Test Of The EBQS System!


Here’s the one thing that is bugging me the most this preseason, concerning the New England Patriots.  It’s the lack of a good quality backup on their roster, especially when there’s only 12 days till they open up the 2009 campaign.  NO, it’s not in the lack of good backups in the running or receiving game, that I’m referring to either.  We’re perfectly solid

*** We’re sorry for the interruption *** Do not panic this is only a test *** The NFL is conducting a test of the EBQS system *** This is for your team’s safety *** Please don’t panic *** Remember this is just a test, of the EBQS (Emergency Back-Up Quarterback System) ***  – Remember the names of Damon Huard and A.J. Feeley *** 

in those two areas.  What I’m actually referring to is the lack of a decent backup QB behind veteran Tom Brady, the Patriots are once again facing this season.  Let’s face it we lucked out last season, but I don’t see lighting striking in regards to getting luckyWe got dam lucky in 2008, after Brady went in the opening weekend. 

As they had a guy by the name of Matt Cassel,who was just sitting and waiting on the sidelines for his opportunity.  Cassel came in and after a few awkward weeks running the offense.  He came into his own and came very close to  getting us into the playoffs.  But that was then and this is now.  We don’t have that luxury this season.  Not after the Pats traded Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs over the off season. 

So after the Patriots released backup quarterback Kevin O’ Connell on Monday, they are left with Andrew Walter and the rookie Brian Hoyer backing up Brady on the QB chart.  I’m sorry but the likes of Walter and Hoyer, just aren’t inspiring to me.  Neither of them will help or allow me to relax, in case something was to happen to Brady.  If only there was a system or something in place with the NFL, that could help us out.  Does anyone have any ideas?

*** We said remember the names of Huard and Feeley *** Huard is available since the 49ers released him *** Feeley is just wasting away in Philadephiaville *** Become better with one of them *** Plus they’ll come cheaply for you or any other team ***

What a great idea about Huard!  He’s a 12 year veteran quarterback who was just released by the 49ers.  He’s proven that he can play in the league (unlike Walter) and he’s someone we know (from past experience) can get the job done.  He did spend three seasons in the past with the Patriots, as a backup to Drew Bledsoe and Brady from 2001-2003.  Which means if Huard was needed to take over, he knows the offense and the style of play New England uses.  Which would be a great thing since it would help allow the offense to continue doing their thing, in the absence of Brady.

Then we have Feeley, who’s lost in the pile-up of QBs that the Eagles have going on.  He’s a veteran player who kinda reminds me of Scrappy-Doo from the cartoon Scooby-Doo!  LMAO, I honestly mean that in a good way people, he’s a wiry, scrappy kind type of player who can play and will make your team better.  For those of you who might not of had the chance to see Feeley, he also reminds me of Doug Flutie and the type of player Flutie was.  The only draw back on Feeley is what the Eagles would from us to acquire him, in a trade. 

So if the choice for New England was between either Huard or Feeley.  As much as I would love to continue making Scrappy-Doo jokes and comments in reference to Feeley.  I’d have to go with Huard simple because he’s been with us in the past.  He knows the offense and besides he does a great impersonation of opposing teams quarterbacks.  Especially when it comes to Peyton Manning of the Colts

I had the feeling people might have forgotten that when Huard was with the Patriots in his earlier days.  New England would have him play the role of the opposing teams leader in practice.  He was so good dam at playing the part of Manning, that when the play-offs came around the Pats were well prepared for him. Which is one of the main reasons why they won 2 of their early Super Bowl titles.  If it worked then, why wouldn’t it work now?