Tedy Bruschi – “All good things must come to an end”


Everyone knows the ole sane “All good things must come to an end”, we’ve all heard it a thousand times throughout our lives.  Unfortunately for us, it now includes Tedy Bruschi and his time in the NFL.  Since it’s expected that after a wonderful 13 year career, in which he’s spent it all in a New England Patriots uniform.  Later today he will be announcing his retirement from the game.  And from the team he’s loved for so long. 

Which means it will be a sad, but also joyous day for the Patriots and their fans.  As the end of an era will be coming to a close.  For the past last 13 seasons Bruschi has done just about everything that was ever expected or asked of him.  Coming into the league after finishing a brilliant college career with Arizona, in 1996.  The Patriots selected Bruschi with the 86th pick in the 1996 NFL Draft, and since that day he’s battled his way up the charts. 

Early on in his career Bruschi was mainly used on special teams and as a pass rusher.  It wasn’t until 1999 after he spent his first three years showing the league and the Patriots what he could.  That he would become a starter.  Bruschi has done just about everything throughout his time in the league and with the Patriots.  He’s played defense, special teams and has also occasionally he had his chance on the offensive side.

He’s gone from being a part time pass rusher and special teams player, early on in his career.  To a full time starter and one of the defensive anchors on the team.  A team that without him as a player and or captain, would never have captured their 3 Super Bowl titles, within four years.  For his entire career Bruschi played in 5 Super Bowl, and one Pro Bowl (2004). 

He’s touched so many players and fans lives throughout his time playing this game.  Not only for his play on the field, but for what he’s also done off the field.  People forget shortly after the Patriots won the Super Bowl back in 2004, he suffered a stroke.  A stroke that left many people wondering what type of life he’d lead, after football.  Since his playing days were most likely over according to reports.

Bruschi being the type of player he was never gave up, he battled back from the stroke.  Defied the odds and amazed the doctors as he returned to the field after eights months.  Throughout it all he’s made himself, his family, the team and fans around the world, extremely happy.  His football days might be over, but for Bruschi and his family, the next part of their life together will begin very shortly.

In my mind you’ll always be one the greatest players in the history of the Patriots organization.  It’s been a pleasure watching and cheering for you in the stands, at home, wherever I’ve been.  You’ve given us so much more than we ever expected and for that we THANK YOU!  I know one of these days soon, very soon (hint hint like this year Robert Kraft) we’ll see you shine once again.  As the team raises your name and number into their Ring of Honor!