The Brett Favre Saga Continues, Once Again!


Are you ready for this ladies and gentlemen?  You better be, because Brett Favre is back in the NFL, once again!   This entire thing is becoming so old, kinda like the Friday The 13th movies, in the 80’s and 90’s.  There just doesn’t seem to be an ending to the nightmare of horrors.  As the Brett Favre saga continues, once again!  Honestly was there anyone who didn’t see this one coming?  It’s become his pattern over the last two years, so why would anything change now.   

He’s retired, then (wait a few moments) he’s not retired.  After a bunch of pouting and whining, since the Green Bay Packers won’t guarantee him his old starting job back.  He finally gets his wish and is traded, but it’s not to the Minnesota Vikings, like he hoped for.  It’s not even another team within the NFC, it’s straight to the AFC East, and New York.  Which gave the New York Jets and their fans “false hope” as they envisioned themselves competing with the likes of the New England Patriots, and Tom Brady!

Then after Brady went down for the season, they had their “sights” set on winning the East, and going to the play-offs.  That was until week 13 came rolling around, and all the wheels started coming off the bus.  Where Favre completely ran out of gas and single handily derailed the Jets.  As Favre started throwing more INT’s (9), then TD’s (2)!  New York goes 1-4 over the final five weeks, and they find themselves “home on the range” for the postseason. 

As the Jets and their brass ponder the million dollar question “What to do now with this crappy guy.”  They decide to do what’s best for Brett, LOL yeah like anyone believed that.  Which is to give him his release, which is a nice way of them saying “Get the frig outta of here you dirty washed up old man!”  Hey Jets fans you have no worries as you quickly find their QB for the future, when you select Mark Sanchez, with the 5th pick in the 09 NFL Draft! 

Which quickly has the J-E-T-S fans saying “Brett Who!”  So once again he’s  a lonely man, all alone in a cruel world, with an unknown future.  Until the rumors start back up in late May, that have him possibly”hooking” up with the Vikings.  So the saga goes on, moving back and forth for the next few months, “Will he or won’t he play again?” 

And if so, for which team will it be?  Well we thought we had the answers to those questions, when three weeks ago Favre spoke up.  He informed the Vikings and head coach Brad Childress that his “tank was empty, he was lacking confidence, and his body was just to badly banged up!” 

Apparently in as little as three weeks, a crap load of miracles happened for Favre.  As he some how found his missing confidence (with the help of Lucky from Lucky Charms)!  While miraculously his body is healed (I would really love to know his secret on that one) in such a short period of time. 

Please tell me YOUR secret Brett!  I’ll bottle it up and we’ll make millions, selling it all around the world.  Plus you would be free to retire/un-retire, as many times as your little heart wanted.   

Which all of this helped in bringing us to the present, where Favre signed a 2 year deal worth $25 million, with the Vikings.  He’s all smiles, the Vikings and their fans are smiling.  Everyone’s smiling, except the “cheeseheads” in Green Bay.  As they’re all pissed and frantically circling the dates of October 5th and November 1st, on their calendars in PURPLE!  Where they hope for their one shot to finally rid the world, and the league of Brett’s evil presence.

Who knows if the Packers or anyone will ever get their chance to “finish” Favre off, once and for all.  After all there’s still about 3 weeks left until the season is under way.  Which we all know by now, that’s still plenty of time for Favre to change his mind.  Once he realizes he doesn’t have it, yet again, and retire once and for all!