New England Patriots All-Decade Team – 60’s & 70’s


Here’s the list of players that made the New England Patriots All-Decade Team for the 1960’s and 1970’s.  As with the club’s 50th Anniversary Team all players were debated and voted on in secret.

All-Decade Teams

OT Charlie Long
OT Tom Neville
G Billy Neighbors
G Lennie St. Jean
C Jon Morris
TE Jim Whalen
WR Jim Colclough
WR Art Graham
QB Vito “Babe” Parilli
RB Larry Garron
RB Jim Nance
DE Bob Dee
DE Larry Eisenhauer
DT Houston Antwine
DT Jim Lee Hunt
OLB Tom Addison
OLB Ed Philpott
MLB Nick Buoniconti
CB Chuck Shonta
CB Daryl Johnson
S Don Webb
S Ron Hall
K Gino Cappelletti
P Tom Yewcic
Ret Larry Garron
SpT Don Webb

HC Mike Holovak

OT Leon Gray
OT Tom Neville
G John Hannah
G Sam Adams
C Bill Lenkaitis
TE Russ Francis
WR Stanley Morgan
WR Randy Vataha
QB Steve Grogan
RB Sam Cunningham
RB Andy Johnson
DE Julius Adams
DE Tony McGee
NT Ray Hamilton
OLB Steve Zabel
OLB Steve King
ILB Steve Nelson
ILB Sam Hunt
CB Raymond Clayborn
CB Mike Haynes
S Tim Fox
S Prentice McCray
K John Smith
P Mike Patrick
Ret Mack Herron
SpT Mosi Tatupu

HC Chuck Fairbanks

I’m a die hard Patriots fan and have been my entire life.  Ever since I was like 5 or 6 years old, when I started watching football.  Which is about the time I fell in love not only with the game, but the team.  And I’ve remained a die hard fan throughout the years, even the horrible years like in the early 90’s when they went 1-15.

Who can forget when they played and lost in two early Super Bowls.  One in the 80’s and the other in the late 90’s.  I know I won’t especially after the shellacking they took from the Chicago Bears back in 1987.  Or when they lost to Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers (still say there was a penalty on the run back by Desmond Howard) in the Super Bowl, back in 1997. 

But even after all those years of misery and coming “oh so close”,  it’s been well worth it.  Especially since I’ve witnessed them winning  3 titles in this decade alone.  Plus with some help and good fortune (means Tom Brady staying healthy), they’ll make it #4 this coming season.

So when I look at the names of the players who made the All-Decade Teams from the 60’s and 70’s, I know one thing.  They are the men who paved the way, the men who started building the teams foundation, which they still have today.  Without them and all the other’s, this Patriots as a team wouldn’t be where they are at this moment.  Which is primed and ready for another run at the Vince Lombardi trophy this season!