Are They Trying To PISS OFF Roger Goodell?


I actually had a few moments of peace and quiet for once in my life over the last few weeks.  So I thought I’d take a few moments and try and catch up on some of the happenings around the NFL.  After browsing a few stories this is one story I came upon and I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to pass it along to you as  it seems this is how some of the NFLers like to pass the time during the off-season.  That is when they’re not demanding more money and stardom, it seems they like to play the role of jailbird from time to time, as proven by the following.

Police Blotter’s from around the country:

4/2/09: Browns – WR Donte’ Stallworth is charged with DUI manslaughter.

4/5/09: Bengals – CB Leon Hall is arrested and charged with DUI.

4/11/09: Bills – S Donte Whitner is arrested for aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

4/25/09: Chargers – LB Shaun Phillips is charged with misdemeanor battery.

5/3/09: Saints – WR Biren Ealy and TE Kolomona Kapanui are arrested on various charges, including obscenity, disturbing the peace by being drunk in public, and lewd conduct.

5/6/09: Bucs – WR Anthony Mix is indicted for having sex with a minor.

5/14/09: Bills – FB Corey McIntyre is arrested for misdemeanor exposure of his sexual organs.

5/18/09: Texans – G Brandon Walker is arrested for DUI.

5/24/09: Dolphins – DE Randy Starks is arrested for aggravated battery on a police officer.

After reading this and being utterly appalled from it, the next thought that popped into my head was.  Are they trying to PISS OFF Roger Goodell?  Has the league not been watching and learning from past idiots such as Pacman Jones, Michael Vick and Matt Jones!  Do they think Goodell is just going to sit back and do NOTHING about this?  I for one don’t think so, and it’s only a matter of time until we know what the ramifications are for these men. 

Since taking the reins as commissioner Goodell has been very strict and stern when it comes to players acting like idiots.  It’s safe to assume that most, if not all of them will be facing some kind of fine and or suspension, based upon the outcome of their individual cases.  Although in the case of Donte’ Stallworth (DUI manslaughter) it might not be up to good ole Roger to punish him, as the justice system could handle all of it.