Memorial Day – Time To FIRE THEM UP!


Across the country Memorial Day festivities are underway, as people race to kickoff the “unofficial” start to the summer.  Gatherings are currently taking place as friends and family and all our loved one’s are coming together for parties and barbecues in hoards.  Boats that had been sitting idly in their docks have been primed, cleaned and waxed, as they prepare to hit the open seas and lakes.  People have been dusting the cob webs off their grills and barbecues, filling the propane tanks and stock piling on their charcoal pellets as it’s time to FIRE THEM UP!

It’s what America needs, especially at this time with the recession taking it’s toll, not only on the economy, but the millions upon millions of our people.  They’re people who have and are being been affected by the downfall on a daily basis.  Today being Memorial Day is one day where people CAN and WILL gather and forget their problems or struggles.  Even if it’s only for for a few short hours, they can let it all go and just enjoy the moment.  But wait, that’s not all Americans will be celebrating and rejoicing about on this very special day, it’s also a time for remembering as well!

As we cannot forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting OUR freedom, freedom that so many take for granted these days.  Yes, I’m referring to the men and woman who ARE and HAVE served this great country of ours throughout the years.  Those who put their lives on the line, the one’s that have laid their own life down and made the ultimate sacrifice on the beaches of Normandy, in their sleep at Pearl Harbor and throughout all of WWII.  From the trenches in Korea, to the jungles of Vietnam, including those that fought in Panama, the Gulf War during Desert Storm.  Plus the millions in the armed services who are currently protecting OUR freedom and the freedom of those who are less fortunate than us in foreign countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other unknown hot-spots.

Who is this country hasn’t know a veteran at some point in our lives?  If I had to guess and answer, I’d say just about everyone in this country has met or known a veteran at some point in your life.  It might have been someone in your family from long ago, someone you’re married to now or it’s possibly YOU the person who’s reading this.  No matter who that person is we need to take a few moments and call them, visit them, e-mail them, it doesn’t matter how you do it, just THANK THEM!  Thank them for all they have done for each and everyone of us around the country.

So from myself to all of you past, present and future soldiers, I’d like to thank you for all that you do on a daily basis.  For myself on a personal note, Memorial Day will always be an important day, as I’m a veteran of the Gulf and other conflicts that happened during the 90’s!  So I know what it’s like to be gone, away from loved one’s and friends for months at a time, and I also know what you go emotional while being gone.  For those of you that I know personally who are currently overseas at this time (Sam and Shannon) please take care of yourselves, the troops around you and come home safely.

Enjoy the activities throughout the day, please be careful and remember utilize a designated driver if you’re drinking, since we would all like to get home safely, and in one piece.  One final thing, don’t forget to THANK a veteran, at least one of us throughout the day, for everything they have and will continue to do in protecting America’s freedom.  THANK YOUGOD BLESS – BE SAFE – AND COME HOME TO YOUR LOVED ONE’S VERY SOON!