Stockpiling Tight-Ends!


The New England Patriots have added another weapon to their offensive arsenal, as they traded for Alex Smith.  No, it’s wasn’t the San Francisco 49ers quarterback,  it’s the other same named Smith that played tight-end for theTampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Patriots sent a 2010 fifth round draft pick to the Bucs, in exchange for Smith who became expandable after they traded for Kellen Winslow.  So now if you happen to scroll through the teams current roster you notice something that’s very interesting, they’re stockpiling tight-ends!  After the trade for Smith, the Patriots officially have six tight-ends on their roster as they have Ben Watson, David Thomas and Tyson DeVree left over from last year’s team.  Plus they signed Chris Baker and Brad Listorti, who both were free agents earlier in the off-season.

More than likely the Patriots will only carry three at the most, which just off the top of my head I’d say would be Watson, Baker and Smith as the obvious choices.  But then again this is New England we’re talking about and nothing is ever a given.  Could they surprise us and decide to carry more?  It could happen, especially if a player like Listori or DeVree show they can produce in other areas, like special teams.  It might also spell the end of the Watson era in a Patriots uniform, as his history of injuries and fumbleitis are well documented.  If that was to happen and the Pats released or traded Watson, it opens up a roster spot for either DeVree or Listorti on either the roster or practice squad.

Personally I like Watson as a player when he’s healthy, as he provides a big body for quarterback Tom Brady to look for down the field and near the goal-line.  Then you have Thomas, who’s used more as a blocker in the offense than he is in catching the ball, and you recall two key mistakes made between them last season.  Which resulted in the Patriots losing two very pivotal games to the Jets and Colts in November due to their errors.  So you have to wonder if either of their “costly” mistakes will come back to haunt them this off-season and possibly result in their release, in light of the Patriots signing Baker and trading for Smith.  So Patriots fans let’s hear you thoughts or comments on this subject, good or bad it doesn’t matter just sound off!