10:00 – Feel free to post your comments on how you think the Patriots did with their four picks today!  Doesn’t matter if they’re good, bad or indifferent, let’s hear what YOU the fans think! 

9:55 – Well that’s a wrap folks, the shows over for today.  But no worries the draft starts back up tomorrow starting at 9 am EST.  Hope that you enjoyed it and have a great night!  I’m out of here………

9:48 – What in the world is the NFL Network, doing?  That was just to darn funny to watch.  Think they some more of that going on for day 2 on Sunday. 

9:45 – Correction that’s now 4 players selected on Day 1 from UCONN.

9:42 – With only three picks left in round 2, I have to say I’m beat.  My entire body aches and is killing me.  But it’s been worth it as I’ve had a blast in doing this.

9:37 – Would you of ever thought that UCONN (3 total) would have the third most drafted players at the end of the first day.  Never in a million years would I have thought that if you were to ask.

9:24 – With a selection that I’ve never heard about before the Patriots, with their 4th pick of the draft select OL Sebastian Vollmer from Houston.  I will say he’s a BIG guy who should be a nice addition to have on the O-line protecting your quarterback.

9:04 – I’m just a little confused here, did the Cowboys actually trade that pick or are they just that slow in making a decision.  OK, it was made known the Cowboys actually traded with the Bills.   

8:59 – LMAO, how dumb are the Dallas Cowboys, looking right now?  They get their chance to select a player after missing out in the first round (trade with Lions for Williams) and what do they do, they screw it up and have to pass.  If the Cowboys aren’t one of the biggest jokes in the NFL, I have no idea who is.

8:45 – Max Unger – OT from Oregon, who many projected as a late first rounder was just selected by the Seahawks.  Some good news for him he doesn’t have to leave the West coast to join the team, lol!

8:37 – I’m just curious as too why a few players have fallen as far as they have in the draft.  To name a few they would Everette Brown (Panthers), Eben Britton (Jaguars) and Connor Barwin (Texans).

8:26 – And with the 41st pick in the draft the Patriots got their man in Darius Butler the CB from UCONN.  I love this pick and I’m very happy they got him.  Our secondary will be much improved come the start of the season, thanks to this pick-up and the free agency signings.

8:20 – With their second pick (thanks to Oakland) the #40th pick overall the Patriots select DT Ron Brace from Boston College.  For more on Brace and the newest Patriots player follow the link………  Patriots are back on the clock with their pick they acquired from the Packers trade earlier.

8:15 So anyone care to guess what’s happened in the last 10 minutes or so?  I’ll tell you and it’s not gonna surprise you in the least, the Pats traded with OaklandPats get their 40th pick in the 2nd round, in exchange for the Pats 47th pick and also a 4th and 6th rounder.  It’s the master at it again, and that’s why he’s the best in the business!

8:00 – You can scratch ole Rey Rey’s name off that list also, the Bengals just plucked him with the 38th pick.  Can we say Everette Brown, maybe?

7:55 – So who’s next for the Pats?  With LB James Laurinaitis from Ohio State and also Alphonso Smith the CB from Wake Forest are off the boards.  But hey the crazy man from USC Rey Maualuga is still sitting around unemployed, do the Pats take a chance and pick him?

7:45 – For more on the Patrick Chung, selection by New England, just click on the link and read till your hearts content.

7:37 – That was a quick and a much unexpected pick by New England, as they went and selected Patrick Chung, the SS from Oregon.  So they decided not to go the pathoflinebacker early with their picks.  It’s all good as the Pats and Belichick know what they are doing.

 7:35 –Ok, I’m back from my little break, sorry had to move and get away from the computer for a bit.  And look at this it’s the Patriots on the clock, for the first of four picks in the secondround.

7:08 – I’m about to break for a few but before doing that I wanted to inform you on the Patriots-Packers trade.  The Pats get the Packers 2nd round pick (#41) and also GB’s picks in the third at #73 and 83.  NE also gave the Packers their 5th round pick which is pick 162.

7:00 – In a bit of a surprise the Bills select Eric Wood, C from Louisville.  That’s an interesting pick but from the reports this is a kid that can play some ball.

6:54 – So who saw this one coming, lol?  That’s right the Pats have again traded this time with the Green Bay Packers.  Full details once they are made known, until then I hope that your enjoying the draft!

6:49 – The Patriots are once again back on the clock.  Do they go with the DE/TE from Cincinnati, LB from USC, or select a UCONN man here?

6:42 – So the Pats just received the Ravens first round pick #26 and a 5th rounder this year in the trade.  It’s not bad but why make the deal that puts you behind the Miami Dolphins, who have the 26th pick.

6:34 – We just traded with the Baltimore Ravens!  For what I have no idea it hasn’t been announced yet.  ARGHHHHHH! (Note to self need to relax and breath deeply)

6:30 – The Patriots are now on the clock.  Could they be selecting Michael Oher, with this pick?   

6:22 – It’s time to get nervous as the Patriots are only 2 picks away from being on the clock.  Who’s on their radar, is it a sleeper or a well known player?  Time shall tell very soon, sit back try and relax and enjoy it, LOL!  So who’s thinking that the Browns might actually keep this pick and select someone?  Any takers on that bet…….

6:13 – This is getting great to watch and find out when and will the Browns ever pick in this draft.  As they just traded again (for the 3rd time) with the Philadelphia Eagles, in exchange for the 21st and 195th picks in the draft.  The Eagles just turned that into another toy for Donovan McNabb, as they selected Maclin.

6:01 The Browns have done it again, they’ve traded with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and most likely will still get their man they are after.  Browns get the Bucs 19th and 191st pick!  Bucs the QB they wanted in Josh Freeman, the QB from Kansas State.

5:54 The  Cleveland Browns are back up, let’s see if they hold onto this pick or decide to trade it away again.  Look for Jeremy Maclin, the WR from Missouri, to possibly be their pick!

5:42 – This is becoming very interesting as a few of the targeted players the Pats had their “eyes” on are still sitting on the board.  Only eight more picks till New England makes the first of eleven picks in this draft.  In Bill we trust, LOL!

5:33 – Oh Joshy, what the heck are you doing with your first draft for the Denver Broncos?  You just took Knowshon Moreno, the RB from Georgia, why would you do this?  You just signed like 2-3 RB’s during the free agency period.  Can’t wait till they pick again at #18.

5:23 –Well it was fun while it lasted, but the Crabtree watch is officially called OFF!  Thanks to the San Francisco 49ers, as they just scooped the talented WR off the boards.  In other news it’s only 13 more picks till the Patriots are on the clock, unless we trade up for someone special.

5:15 – With some good news the Green Bay Packers, have selected BC’s own B.J. Raji with the #9 pick.  Congrats and best of luck to you Raji.  You’ll always be a BC man in the hearts of Bostonians.  The Crabtree watch is still in progress……. stay tuned for more later, unless the 49ers feel sorry for him and grab him at #10.

5:07 – Is Michael Crabtree, this year’s version of Brady Quinn?  Someone has to be in this draft and he’s looking like the front runner for the time being.  I can’t believe he’s still on the board with the 9th pick coming up in moments.

5:00 – Did anyone see the look on Darrius Heyward-Bey’s face?  When they announced him going to the Oakland Raiders, it’s freak-in priceless!  That will be a YouTube video within moments.

4:47 – The Jets traded their 17th and 57thpicks along with 3 players for the Browns pick at #5.  Someone just got hosed and it wasn’t Mangini and the Browns!

4:41 – The first TRADE of the day involves the Jets and the Browns!  Looks like the Jets will get their man as Mark Sanchez, is on the phone and putting his jacket on in the green room.  It won’t make a difference for the Jets they’ll be a bottom dweller in the AFC East next season.

4:27 – LMAO, at the Kansas City Chiefs, as they just reached and took Tyson Jackson from LSU!  Wow KC fans even though they have Matt Cassel as their QB, just better get use to having a very high draft pick for the next few years!

4:13  – Do we have OUR first trade of draft day coming up.  The Rams are taking way to much time to make this selection.  All that time for Jason Smith, come you have got to be kidding me.

4:04  – 41.7 million is just ridiculous if you ask me.  The guy hasn’t proven a thing at the NFL’s level.  They need to really start capping the contracts the rookies can get.  WOW did you hear all the BOO’s from the crowd, I love it!

4:00  – It’s draft time finally!  Let’s kick this off and get things going, it’s been to long of a wait for this event to arrive.  Roger Goodell, is on his way to the podium.

3:45 PM – The draft kicks off in 15 minutes, we all ready know who the Detroit Lions are selecting as it was announced late last night.  So Matt Stafford, QB from Georgia is officially off the boards….. St. Louis Rams you’re on the clock from the opening bell!