Divulging Their “Master Plan” and “Main Goals” For The NFL’s Draft!


Would someone explain why team’s or an individual player feel the need to let the entire world know, their plans on and about draft day.  Every year this happens when someone starts divulging their “master plan” and “main goals” for the NFL’s draft!  Hello, it’s not suppose to be made public, what or where’s the fun in doing that?  The case for which I’m referring too involves the Denver Broncos and  Jason Campbell, from the Washington Redskins.

For some reason the Broncos felt the need to inform the entire league and the world, their intentions in regards too Mark Sanchez.  And also just how much they WANT and are WILLING to give up for him.  Sanchez, the former USC star quarterback, who’s projected as possibly a top ten pick in Saturday’s draft.  He’s on the radar of numerous teams, the Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, and San Francisco 49ers just to list a few.

Unlike those other teams who have basically remained quite, the Broncos felt the need to “inform” the entire league just how far they are willing to go to land Sanchez.  It was made public they want him as their QB, and they’re willing to trade up for him.  They’d trade up from their current standing the 12th and 18th picks, for Sanchez, but they won’t jump into the top five to do it.  In my opinion Sanchez is most likely off the board by the fifth pick in the draft, since I see him going to the Seahawks and replacing Matt Hasselbeck, very soon. 

Why make it public?  Do you actually think it’s going to sway or cause a ruckus among the other teams?  If you really want the guy, but you won’t do what it takes to get the job done, why bother in the first place.  Denver, if you want him that bad, go after him, trade one of your 2 picks in the 1st round plus another next year!  Deal with a team that you know isn’t looking at him, before you lose out on him.

But never, and I mean never announce to the league just how bad you want someone, especially before the draft.  Wait till after the draft and boost about making the deal or the moves that landed you guy.  Don’t fall into the same category as “teams” that have done this in the past, it never worked out well for them.

It’s time to get back Campbell, and the comments he “supposedly” made earlier today.  Reports are surfacing that if the Redskins, who hold the 13th pick this year, draft another quarterback he’ll request a trade.  Hey Jason, are you lacking confidence in your on the field abilities?  Or are you just afraid that YOUR not that good enough to help the Redskins be a contender?  By NO means are you the same quality player or leader as  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger are for their clubs. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your not even close and will never be close to their level of play, they provide on a weekly or yearly basis.  If you count their titles they have six, I repeat six Super Bowl rings, between the three of them.  You haven’t even come close to be the player or leader that they are today, plus you can’t even lead your team into the play-offs!  It’s time for you to zip the mouth, go with the flow and chill.

Also grow-up and stop taking things so personal, it’s a business that’s all.  And the bottom line is to fill the stands, win the games and bring home a championship.  So if your not getting the job done maybe some new blood will light a fire under your butt, and get you going.  Please don’t turn into the next Jay Cutler, and start whining every time the trade deadline or draft arrives!