Gonzo Flys The Coup For A Second Round Pick – WOW!


Look who’s smiling now, it’s Tony Gonzalez, as he was finally granted his wish and his freedom.  It was just made official late this afternoon that the Kansas City Chiefs, have traded the ten time Pro Bowler to the Atlanta Falcons, for a second round pick in the 2010 draft.  LOL, yes you read that correctly, Gonzo flys the coup for only a second round pick, – WOW!  So is there even any question as too which team just got hosed in this deal, if you don’t know I’ll fill you in, it was the Chiefs!

This is the same type of steal, sorry I meant trade that happened two years ago when the New England Patriots, stole WR Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders, for a fourth round pick.  That was the steal of the decade if not the century, until I read about this one going through.  I’m sorry but I just have to laugh about this trade, since a few things will change immediately.  Below are just a few of the changes that will occur now that Gonzalez is headed out of KC, and the AFC West:

  1. The AFC West can relax as they WON’T be facing Gonzalez twice a year now, also the NFC South better WATCH OUT!
  2. The Falcons SHOULD now be the favorite to win the NFC South.
  3. The Falcons will be in the TOP-5 for offense next season with Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Michael Turner and now Tony Gonzalez.
  4. The Chiefs are OFFICIALLY the joke of the league, and YES that includes the Lions.
  5. The fans in KC, should begin LOOKING for a new team, it’s done and over for 2009 before it begins!

But the most important lesson for anyone that follows the NFL or who’s into fantasy sports, is that TONY GONZALEZ is back on top as far as tight-ends go in FANTASY FOOTBALL!  I’m going on the record and stating this fact right now, HE will be on all, if not the majority of my fantasy teams as my #1 TE for the upcoming 2009 season.  They said he was dead and buried in the land of ruins, called Kansas City, but he’s back from life support.  And you better watch out as he’s fresh and ready to lead his new team, the Falcons to the promise land.