So Called “EXPERTS” Will Finally Shut-Up!


The 2009 NFL Draft, seemed like it was eons away after the NFL, crowned their new champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers in early February!  Can you believe that in only three days time it’s finally going to happen? The draft will actually happen and if all goes well, over the course of the month or so, all the so called “experts” will finally shut-up!  I’m so sick and tired of turning on say the NFL Network, or ESPN and hearing them give their expert opinion on WHO this team SHOULD and NEEDS to take.

I mean you’ve seen and heard from them everyday over the past eight weeks or so as they hype, talk, suggest, analyze and basically beat the entire process to death.  Then start it all over again, when they run out of new material or a team makes a move (trade or release)!  If your such an expert, knowing what your favorite team or any team needs better than them, maybe you need to be doing the drafting instead of them.  Otherwise please just zip-it and give it a rest for a few days, until the actual draft kicks-off at 4 pm on Saturday.

This also includes all the websites and radio stations that have their own personnel, which no body’s ever heard of before giving their two-cents worth on the subject.  Plus don’t even get me started on all the “wanna-be’s” who throw up Mock Drafts, thinking they know what the heck their saying.  No one knows what’s going to happen till the actual draft, a player’s draft status can rise or drop faster than our economy.  Think about the players coming out that are “linked” to having a positive drug test (Harvin), or charecter issues (Davis), they’re dropping quickly in the stock. 

Or better yet those who were named as using or positive for drugs/steroids(Raji, Cushing) and then later it’s rescinded as an error, they’re back rising up the boards.  Plus everyone seems to forget most of the “men” are still young, some have had brushes with the law or authority, and it’s just now being mentioned and made public.  A person’s stock can rise and fall in the blink or an eye, from a headline that some idiot tosses out there.  We need to remember nothing is set in stone or finalized until these NFL teams hand that card too commissioner, Roger Goodell.

So after the last (Mr. Irrelevant) name’s called, what’s next on the horizon?  Another long month or so listening to all these so called experts named Marshall, Jamie, Alyssa, Tom and Harry, Bob, Chris, Sam, Warren (you get the picture) rehashing the draft.  They’ll break it down team by team, for all of us and tell us WHAT, WHERE and WHYa team drafted wrong.  Maybe keeping on our toes as they actually give a compliment on a teams drafting, not likely I know, but it happens occasionally.