Give Me A Break, PLEASE!


For crying out loud, will someone give me a break, PLEASE!  The news coming from the NFL combine today revolves around WR Michael Crabtree from Texas Tech.  And the stress fracture he has in his left foot.  Early reports coming out are stating he’s going to need a screw inserted to help the injury heal.  That and at least ten weeks or more to fully recover from it. 

But it’s not the real headline I’m hearing from this.  What is it?  That’s easy to answer.  All the idiots and morons that are already stating Crabtree’s value and stock will plummet!  Come on give me a break, this is just plain stupid on most peoples thinking and part.  Yes, the guy has an injury, but it’s not life or even career threatening.  He’ll have the surgery he needs and be ready to go most likely around the time of the draft.

If not at draft time then very close after it.  I’ve all ready seen reports and comments from fans and writers on the various different web sites.  And they are all basically saying the same thing, he’s not the best receiver entering the draft.  He’s even listed on some boards as maybe the third or fourth WR now due to this injury.

To me it’s no question he’s still the #1 WR in the draft, and nothing changes that.  Not even this injury.  He will be a force to reckon with next season and for years to come.  Now the only question is WHEN and WHO will select him for their team.  On the comment boards fans are posting that he’ll fall as far down as 25th to the Miami Dolphins.  For the love of god people it’s never going to happen.

And besides if for some strange reason he did fall that far.  There is no way in the world the New England Patriots would not select him with their pick at 23.  Hey, I’m a Patriots fan and even I know that’s never going to happen.  Crabtree should and will most likely be off the board by the 2nd or 3rd pick in April’s draft.  If the Rams or the Chiefs ever want to contend again, one of them needs to grab him and build around him.