Out Of The Blue!


I tried to stay away from something like this, but after an event tonight I felt like I needed to talk about it.  I’m talking with my son and he brings up the Super Bowl.  And out of the blue he says ” Hey, Dad how much do you think those officials were paid since they called everything on Arizona“.  And I start to laugh to myself,  he’s eleven and I’m thirty-four but our minds must be the same.  Since I’ve been asking myself that same question ever since the game.

And then he continues on about how bad the calls were.  Telling me that the roughing the passer penalty called on Karlos Dansby was bogus.  And I have to agree, since if you watched the play.  The Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had just released the ball and Dansby still in full motion from the play hits “Big Ben” a moment later.

Come on now this is the NFL and it’s the Super Bowl, you need to let them play.  And besides if that was called “roughing the passer” please explain to me.  Where in the world was the flag when James Harrison darn near took the head off of Kurt Warner, late in the fourth quarter.  If your going to call it make sure it’s called fairly and on both teams.

Then he asks me why wasn’t Harrison thrown out of the game for hitting and punching the Arizona defender during the punt later in the fourth.  I actually had no idea what to say besides “the refs messed up and he should of been ejected“.  I’m sorry what do I tell him, he’s a kid that loves the game, wants to play it.  But doesn’t understand why certain things are fine for one team and not for others.

I can’t tell him that football is like politics.  It’s all in who’s favored, and the majority of the time the calls will go towards them.  Or can I?  And don’t even get me started about the lame you know what call made on the “fumble” by Warner with fifteen seconds to play.  That was not a fumble, his arm was going forward when he was hit.

That was just another horrible call in favor of the Steelers.  I just find it funny that after the Steelers won Super Bowls 40 and 43, the same questions popped up.  And it all involves the atrocious officiating during both games.  Seattle should of won that game, just like Arizona should of won this one.

Kind of makes you wonder if the Steelers are the league’s new pet.  Just like the Colts were a few years back when they won their championship.  They must be since they get all the breaks (or should I say calls) and chances to win a ball game.  Maybe it’s nothing, or maybe all the people talking about this issue are onto something.

No matter what it is, the most important thing for myself was having the “talk” with my son.  No, not “THE SEX TALK” just a good ole fashion football talk.  Now later on in life I’ll have a chance to reflect on the little things, like this talk with him.  Well that’s it for me, I did mention I was trying to avoid bringing this subject up from the game.