Officially Snubbed…. Twice!


For the love of god, will someone tell me why these two are being over looked once again. Who am I referring too, it’s Matt Cassel of the New England Patriots. And Chad Pennington from the Miami Dolphins. Two players that belong in this years Pro Bowl game. But for some strange reason won’t being going. Both have been officially snubbed…. twice!

Please I would really love to know this answer. The so called “All-Star” game for the NFL is suppose to reward players for their performance. And I’m sorry in my mind and the minds of many others, they’re being screwed. The first mistake was with the selection of Brett Favre, I mean did anyone watch him. He sucked majorly this year, plus he cost the New York Jets their season.

But now comes the good news Favre has a torn biceps tendon and won’t be participating, the AFC needs a replacement then. Now was the time when a wrong could of been corrected. But it wasn’t corrected as the NFL announced that Kerry Collins, excuse me Kerry “Freak-in” Collins of the Tennessee Titans will replace Favre. Could they have gotten any worse than Brett? I think they just did with Collins.

Here’s a quick look at the season Favre and Collins had:

  • Favre – 22 TDs – 22 Int’s – 3,472 Passing yards
  • Collins – 12 TDs – 7 Int’s – 2,676 Passing yards

And now for Cassel and Pennington’s season:

  • Cassel – 21 TDs – 11 Int’s – 3,693 Passing yards
  • Pennington – 19 TDs – 7 Int’s – 3,653 Passing yards

Now that we have taken a look at their numbers. Tell me who deserved to go. In his first year with the Dolphins, Pennington played so well his team made the postseason. Yes, he took the 1-15 team from last year and helped turn them into the 11-5 winners of the AFC East.

Cassel, not originally the starter comes off the bench, replacing the injured Tom Brady. Giving the Patriots hope when most thought our season was done. Helps his team finish with an 11-5 record, while coming very close to making the postseason.

But do either of them get rewarded for their performance this past year. Not from the NFL or voters for the Pro Bowl. Which is a dam shame in my mind. You take either of them away from their team, and it changes everything for that team this year. The Dolphins have another crappy season without Pennington. And the Patriots don’t even win five games minus Cassel.

But they have no trouble rewarding Collins. Tell me is it truly that hard to hand the ball off to your running backs. Because I know he’s not going Hawaii for his arm. The league had a chance to fix a wrong, but once again they goofed by omitting Cassel and Pennington.