Lost Weekend!


Well folks it’s time to pat yourself on the back and say “congratulations”.  Why you might be asking?  That answer is easy.  We just survived the longest weekend of the NFL schedule.  The dreaded “lost weekend” that we have become accustomed to calling it.  A weekend without football, it’s just down right wrong. 

For the first time in close to six months the woman around the world are rejoicing.  For their men no longer had “honey the game’s on” or “I have to watch my fantasy players in action” as an excuse.  Every true football fan has used that, or any other number of excuses to avoid doing certain things.  Like going shopping, cutting the grass, washing the car, or spending quality time with their spouse.

It’s an excuse I myself have used on numerous occasions.  I won’t lie about it.  I’m a true 100 percent die hard fan of the NFL.  I’ll watch my team, the New England Patriots play regardless of when they are on.  And once they are finished I’ll move on the rest of the action.  I’ll watch teams that I personally don’t care for.  Like the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets or the dreaded Dallas Cowboys.  Why, well that’s easy to answer?

Just to root for whoever they are playing.  Or I might have a player going in that game.  To me it really doesn’t matter the reason.  Unlike other “fans” that only watch their team, and that’s it.  I love the game, and this time of the year.  The Super Bowl’s only a week away.  We have the match-up with the Steelers vs the Arizona Cardinals just waiting on the kickoff now.

The game will feature the league’s best defense in the Steelers.  Trying to stop the most explosive offensive team this season, the Cardinals.  We have heard a lot of chatter on the radio, the TV and even the papers.  Every one’s stating the game will be a cake walk for Pittsburgh.  Trust me when I say this, Arizona’s for real.

Don’t discount them in this game.  I’m going on record saying they will win.  And they will raise the Lombardi trophy in front of the entire sports world.  The Steeler fans will cry for weeks on end.  Imagining what might of been.  I’ll also admit, I know that feeling.  It stings, hurts and pains oh so badly.  But they will get over it, all in due time.

So for now let’s just be happy.  The longest weekend of the season is finished.  Now’s the time to sit back, prepare for the Super Bowl parties and get ready for a great game.  Go Cardinals!