NO, I’m Not Talking About The 2009 NFL Draft


At the conclusion of the New England Patriots season this year, I had high hopes and expectations.  NO, I’m not talking about the 2009 NFL draft.  When I say I had high hopes, I’m referring to the Patriots schedule for next season.  Every season you rotate which division you play.  Next year in the 2009 season they take on the NFC South.  Which means they play the likes of Tampa Bay, Carolina, Atlanta and the New Orleans Saints.

Now as a Patriots fan who no longer lives in the New England area.  I was very excited,  since I live in North Carolina now.  I figured this is great I can go visit another stadium and see my beloved Patriots kick butt.  Hey it’s only under two hours for Charlotte, or six for Atlanta.  Easy drive, piece of cake, no worries. 

I’m so there, I can taste it.  But wait the NFL and it’s scheduling department just screwed me, lol.  I’m checking out the Patriots opponents, and I already knew we were going abroad to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  That’s fine it’s a home game for the Bucs anyways.  Didn’t really feel like driving to Tampa anyways.

I still have two teams from the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons to fall back on.  But thanks to the NFL, I don’t even have them.  As they both travel up to Foxboro next season.  They even play the Tennessee Titans, fine it’s about an eight hour drive.  But wait, NOPE that’s out of the picture also.  Since the Titans also travel to New England.  I mean for crying out loud.  What’s a guy have to do to see his team.

For me it’s another season of DirecTv and their NFL Sunday Ticket package.  It’s either that or I think about traveling to either Miami, New York or New Orleans.  Now I could go to New York, call some family have them meet me and make a weekend of it.  Nah, been there and done that already.  Miami might be nice, be cool to see the stadium and relax in the sun.  If I knew someone (You reading this Brian, lol) that was a Dolphins fan.  It could make it more interesting doing that.

Although New Orleans, if I can get the warden to sign off on it.  Just might  be the ticket.  It’s in a dome, so who cares about the weather conditions.  I’ve never been to the famous city.  Be nice to relax, see a few sights, take in a game.  And have some sweet tasting southern style food.  Plus I’d get to see first hand and enjoy some of the great blues music.

On second thought I guess it’s all not bad.  Still have a chance of seeing my Patriots live next season.  I’ll just have to strap on the ole travel bag.  Get a companion or two to go along, and enjoy the ride.  After I think about I should be thanking the NFL now.  You just gave me a great excuse for a road trip.  I’ll let you all know which destination I select, have to wait and see for the full team schedule’s to be released.  Until then here’s praying the warden approves it, lol.