So Very Close!


Well we all know by now that the New England Patriots did what they needed to do.  And that was to win on Sunday over the Buffalo Bills.  They accomplished that part of the equation, that was required for them to enter the post-season.  But unfortunately the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens also won on Sunday.  Which eliminated the Patriots from this years playoffs.  The Patriots were so very close, but just couldn’t get that last obstacle to fall in their favor. 

This team played with heart for the entire season and they have no reason to hang their heads down.  They played as well as they have in past seasons, and did it without their star quarterback in Tom Brady.  Brady’s injury back in week one of the season, had everyone counting the Patriots out.  Had them saying this team would be at best 8-8 if that.  Well they went out and finished the season strong winning their last four games, and in nice fashion I might also add.

It gets tough at the end of the season when you need to win and are also looking for help from others.  And that’s where the Patriots found themselves.  Needing to win and others to lose.  Does it mean the season was a failure, NO by all accounts.  The season was one of establishing themselves, showing they could and did win even while missing Brady.  Matt Cassel made a name for himself, and most likely a nice increase in pay, for next year.  The where and who will be paying that salary will be determined shortly.  Will it be in New England, it doesn’t look likely that will be happening. 

But the Patriots now find that they are at the crossroads so to speak.  With Brady’s health and concerns of the injury still in doubt, what do they do.  Wait and hope he’s ready for next year.  Or try and make a play for Cassel’s services for a few more years.  Also let’s not forget that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could be going to fill one of the now four vacant head coaching positions around the league.  And what about Scott Pioli the Patriots vice president of player personnel.  His name is on a very short list for the current Cleveland Browns GM opening.  Do McDaniels and Pioli stay or depart for a very nice payday.

We will have the answers to a few of these questions, in the coming weeks.  In the meantime it’s the wait and see ballgame.  Until then we still have some football to be played, and a Super Bowl winner to be crowned.  Ah and let us not forget that the Boston Red Sox will open spring training in a little over seven weeks.  So enjoy the NFL playoffs, the rest of winter and get ready for a very interesting off season.