Seasons Greetings!


There’s no better place to be for Christmas than in New England.  And over the last few days, my point is made perfectly.  The snows fallen, fast and furious, almost two feet over a two day period.  The houses and yards are covered, decorated in snowmen, and snow forts.  They are littered with sleds, snowmobiles and of course the shovels, blowers and all the fun goodies for kids to play with.  The night shines with an utter peace and calmness in the gleaming snow.  And for myself I find myself back home where I’ve grown fond of this holiday season.  This is what Christmas means, well for myself anyways.  It’s snow, family, presents, shopping and the New England Patriots racing towards the play-offs.  And look at this it’s in full swing again this year.

As the Patriots coaching staff in all nestled in their offices, preparing for THIS YEAR’S biggest game with the Buffalo Bills.  I find myself just passing the time.  The presents are wrapped, cookies are baked, my littlest one is sleeping peacefully.  And my daughter, well she’s bouncing off the walls.  As anticipation builds for the coming night, and of course Santa’s arrival later tonight.  In a few hours it will be off to my wife’s side of the family, for a Christmas gathering.  There will be Uncles and Aunts, Nieces and Nephews, god children and all the cousins.

It’s just your traditional Polish holiday celebration.  Which consists of going to Mass, then sitting down for a feast that consists of Kalewski and Kapusta (sauerkraut,cabbage and onion) and other Polish delicacies.  And with a few American goodies mixed in, such as the cookies,cakes and pies.  The eggnog will be flowing, as will the alcohol for those that enjoy it.  And I’ll get admonished if I forget to mention the Oplatki (breaking of the blessed wafers).

And I can’t forget to mention the children’s faces as they will light up once the gift giving begins.  And the big arrival of Santa as he carries his bag of gifts for all the good children.  But from what I have heard recently, is that Santa doesn’t make his special appearance as he’s too busy now.  So he jets in quickly and leaves the sack of toys and gifts on the porch for all of the children to enjoy.  And then he’s back on track with his normal deliveries.  This is just a little of what my family and myself will be enjoying this evening.  What’s your tradition?  No matter what it is, please enjoy it, cherish it, and be safe this holiday season.  So from all of us in FSB family, the fan-sided network and of course myself from MusketFire, peace, love and cheers.  For a safe, happy, joyful and special holiday.  SEASONS GREETINGS!