First Things First!


So by now we all know what the New England Patriots need to accomplish on this coming Sunday.  They need to go out and beat the Buffalo Bills and then wait and see what happens.  So it’s first things first, we need to WIN over Buffalo.  It’s that easy, win and we have life still.  A loss and it’s over.  The Bills are NOT going to just lay down and let the Patriots roll all over them either.  They will try and play spoiler again this weekend, as they did in upsetting the Denver Broncos.  Their win over the Broncos has them feeling good, so let’s hope they are done playing the “playoff spoiler role” for this season.  Denver’s loss now has set up the Sunday night epic battle “winner take all” with the San Diego Chargers.

Now with the NFL moving the start times for the New York Jets-Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars-Baltimore Ravens games to a prime-time viewing slot.  It means two things, first the Patriots with a victory will have the chance to head into the locker room and watch these two important games.  They will have to sweat it out, and see if the Jets or Jaguars can help by winning.  And secondly it means that all that all three of those teams will have the knowledge of what they need to do in their games.  They will know before their kick-off if New England has won or lost, which might help the Ravens the most.  As a Patriots lost would give them the wild-card spot regardless of the outcome in New York.

The interesting thing that will come from all of this is that one of the following three between New England, Miami or New York, would be hosting a divisional playoff game.  That’s right as the winner of the AFC East takes the third seed in the AFC.  So at least one if not two of these teams could be playing into January.  Who could those teams be, well that will be decided shortly.  As we will all know who’s in and who’s out by Sunday night with the conclusion of the Broncos-Chargers game.  Enjoy it and let’s go Jets, Jaguars and of course the Patriots!