What Needs To Happen!


Well thanks to the Cowboys complete meltdown on Saturday night.  The New England Patriots received no help in regards to the final wild card spot.  The Baltimore Ravens hold onto the sixth and final AFC playoff spot thanks to their 33-24 victory.  So what needs to happen on Sunday to help the Patriots and their playoff chances.  Quite a lot now, first off the Patriots need to beat the Arizona Cardinals at home.  Then hope maybe the Jets or the Miami Dolphins lose.

Miami has a showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.  The weather is suppose to be close to 10 degrees at kickoff.  So maybe the Dolphins will be frozen and shell shocked and put up a clunker.  But then again they are playing the Chiefs, who can’t seem to keep a lead.  So we should not expect any help there, look for a Dolphins victory.  Expect Joey Porter and the rest of their defense to run wild and physically maim anyone in a Chiefs uniform.   

And then we have the Jets, the little lucky green people.  New York heads out to Seattle for a meeting with the very bad Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks are so bad, even their coach Mike Holmgren is hoping the season ends soon.  So he can get the hell out of there.  We need the Jets to play a lifeless game, and maybe Seattle can get lucky.  You know give their fans and coach an early Christmas gift, it would be nice to see.  But then again it’s Seattle they had trouble beating the lonely Rams last weekend.  So again expect no help in that department.

We could hope that Brett Favre throws say maybe 4 interceptions.  But then that’s asking a lot of the Seahawk players to actually catch four passes.  So where would that leave us at the end of the day, concerning the play-offs.  Just on the outside looking in, and hoping for to many things to happen in week 17.  It means the season is just about over, as in see you next year.  It’s been great please remember to turn the lights out after you leave.

So to recap the Ravens won.  If New England, the Jets and Miami all win on Sunday, nothing changes.  Would still be a three way tie for the AFC East with all three teams being 10-5.  New England still loses out in just about all tie breaker situations.  And the play-offs are basically out of the question for us this season.  Seeing Miami and the Jets play each other in the final week.  So even if we won next week, we’d still lose the AFC East due to the Dolphins or Jets victory.

As both teams would be 11-5, but the tie breaker enters the picture, so we lose that way.  We’d need the Ravens to lose in Jacksonville in order to take the final wild card spot.  So you get the picture it’s very bleak, but hey stranger things have happened.  Enjoy the action on Sunday and let’s all hope for an early Christmas miracle.  GO PATRIOTS!