Week 15’s Top Match-Ups!


Christmas is right around the corner folks.  People are scurrying to get those final presents.  Just like a few select teams in the NFL, trying to get those last, few precious playoff spots.  It’s heating up faster than a death row inmate in the electric chair.  Here are the week 15’s top match-ups for the National Football League.  Enjoy the action that’s on tap for all of us this weekend.  Here’s hoping that your team wins, unless it hurts my New England Patriots.  Than here’s to hoping that you and your team lose!

5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-4) at Atlanta Falcons (8-5)

What a great NFC South game this should be, with both teams playoff hopes on the line.  The winner’s alive and the loser can shut it down for the season.  The Falcons led by young rising star Matt Ryan, and Michael Turner, have given new life to not only their fans, but also the city of Atlanta.  The Bucs have question marks coming into this game.  Will Jeff Garcia be healthy enough to play?  Will they have a running game?  Can they rely on their defense to win another game?  These questions will be answered shortly.  No Garcia, it’s okay they have Brian Griese in reserve.  The highlight of this game will be can the Bucs pressure Ryan and force him into turnovers.  It’s Tampa’s defense vs Atlanta’s offense that will decide the contest.  Ryan’s great but he’s young and still learning.  It’s been a great season but I think it ends with this loss.  Tampa Bay  20-17

4 – Minnesota Vikings (8-5) at Arizona Cardinals (8-5)

Love this one, if the playoff started today here’s your first round showdown.  Arizona’s in, Minnesota’s playing to remain in.  The Vikes defense has been their strong suit for most of the season.  Here’s their test against a real high flying offense.  The likes of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin will place fear in just about any one’s eyes.  But a defensive line that boosts Pat and Kevin Williams and Jared Allen, come on it’s not fair now.  Minny needs their defense to slow down the Cardinals offense, they can’t afford to get into a high scoring affair.  Not with Tarvaris Jackson back under center for them.  Yes, Adrian Peterson is behind him and will make up for any QB flaws that Jackson has.  But he won’t be able to do this alone.  The rest of their offense will need to step up and assume more important roles this week.  Sounds easy and great on paper, but sorry it’s not going to happen.  Arizona will have a field day and use all their weapons and then some to exploit the Vikes weaknesses.  Arizona 34-20

3 – N.Y. Giants (11-2) at Dallas Cowboys (8-5)

Another NFC East meeting between these two juggernauts.  The Giants who were knocked off their high horse last weekend thanks to the Eagles.  Try and regroup without two key elements in the line-up.  No Plaxico Burress or Brandon Jacobs means it’s Eli Manning and the back up crew.  The Cowboys who were the Super Bowl favorites after Tom Brady went down.  Are now trying to stop fighting amongst themselves.  It’s turning into high school in their locker room, “He likes him better” or “I’m feeling neglected by Tony Romo” please Terrell Owens for once just shut the HELL UP!  I can’t stand you, your childish games, or the way you freakin whine like a little baby.  Catch the dam ball, and do your job.  Now this really pains me to say it, but I have to give the Cowboys my blessing since I hate the Giants with a passion.  Get ready to watch the backups shine on the field for both teams.  Dallas 24-21

2 – Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) at Baltimore Ravens (9-4)

Someone was thinking when the created the schedule for this week.  We have another meeting of two teams from the same division.  The Ravens are looking for revenge after blowing the earlier meeting in Pittsburgh on dumb penalties.  This will be a low scoring affair, with the way both defenses have played this season.  Who ever gets to seventeen points first wins, games over, no need to finish it out.  LOL, sounds good to me, but it won’t happen.  Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger will air it out, and rely on the running game to control the clock.  I’m just happy this game’s on early, since I’ll be able to enjoy it.  I like the Ravens more than the Steelers, but all the Patriot fans need the Ravens to lose.  Here’s hoping that happens.  Pittsburgh  20-17

1 – Buffalo Bills (6-7) at N.Y. Jets (8-5)

Why the Bills and Jets for the week’s best game.  Easily answered, it has the most playoff implications involved here.  The Jets are in a three way tie with Miami and New England in the AFC East.  The Jets win they continue to write their ticket, they lose and the, meeting with Miami at the season’s end could become meaningless for them.  Buffalo has a very slim chance to make the playoffs now.  Slim but not impossible, we have seen stranger things happen.  So New York fans who’s hands do you want the ball in now in crunch time.  Brett Favre or Thomas Jones, who do you prefer?  Anyone one that answers Favre’s hands your a moron.  Brett is great, no questioning that, but when flustered he likes to loft the ball and pray things happen.  Don’t think so, look back to the opening game near the end of the game.  Or just any Green Bay fan from the Championship game last year.  Jones has been a work horse this season, and he’s having by far his best season as a pro.  Jones was and will still be the right answer.  The Jets win if Jones has the majority of touches, if Brett throws to much the Bills take it.  New York 27-23