What To Watch For Today!


It’s time to mix things up just a little today.  Instead of doing the normal keys to victory article for today’s game with the Seattle Seahawks.  I have decided to change it, and hope that it brings some luck to our very own New England Patriots football team.  Why the change I’ll put it to you this way.  With only a few weeks left in the season and the Patriots fighting amongst five other teams for three spots to get into the playoffs.  We could use any luck, or change in our MOJO!.  So here’s the new and hopefully positive what to watch for today post. 

With the AFC East still undecided and the four teams battling for the title this year.  There’s still the wild card spots that we can fall back too.  But it’s looking very good for the schedule that the Indianapolis Colts (Bengals,Lions,Jaguars and Titans) have to grab one of the two spots.  The Baltimore Ravens enter a tough stretch in their season so here’s hoping the Washington Redskins then the Pittsburgh Steelers and yes we even need help from the Dallas Cowboys.  They can all help us out and win over the Ravens.

So today all fans of the Patriots will be rooting for the following teams, the Redskins, Bengals, Bills, 49ers, and the Cowboys.  I know it’s asking a lot for all those teams to win, so to help us out the most for this week I’d be happy with seeing the Bills and 49ers win.  Why, if the Bills and 49ers win today that means the Miami Dolphins and the Jets both would lose.  A Jets lost and New England win puts us back in a first place tie with the Jets.  A Miami loss will all but kill their hopes of the playoffs.  It doesn’t remove them from the equation, but it does dim their chances greatly.

I know there are two conferences in the NFL.  but for this week we only care about the AFC conference.  I’ll break down the NFC playoff picture next week.  Any help that we can get this week will be greatly appreciated.  But the most important thing than has to 100 percent happen, the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS NEED TO WIN TODAY!  If for some strange twist of fate, the Pats lost to the Seahawks today, we can all just about shut the lid on the coffin, as our season would be about done.  I know anything can happen on the field on any given week, but let’s be realistic here.  It’s the 2-10 Seahawks they are playing, it’s week 14 of the season, we should be winning these games late in the season.  And winning vs the lower bottom feeding teams also.

So let’s get ready for some football action this afternoon.  Sit back, relax and enjoy watching the playoff picture unfold.  As for a select few it becomes brighten, but for others it will only darken and disappear.  Here’s my list of games that I’ll be watching intently.  Have to follow the Dolphins vs Bills in the early games.  Then it’s off to see the Pats vs Seahawks for the late games.  While keeping an eye on the Jets and 49ers, plus the Cowboys and Steelers.  Thank god for DirecTv and the super-fan package, as it allows me to watch all of them at once.