Week 14’s Top Match-Ups!


Well let’s look at this for a moment.  It’s less than three weeks till X-Mas and the holiday season is heating up very nicely.  The plans are being made for the traveling to families and celebrating the holidays.  But the playoff picture is heating up as well.  With only a few weeks left we still have spots left to be filled.  The question is who wants them, and when will they take them.  I’m calling it now, as it’s going to be a nail biter till the very last week of the season.  Enjoy this weekend’s action, as well as week 14’s top match-ups around the NFL.  Be safe, root your favorite team to victory.  And let’s see if the playoff picture becomes any clearer after these games.

5 – Washington Redskins (7-5) at Baltimore Ravens (8-3)

These next few weeks will prove if the Ravens, led by rookie Joe Flacco are contenders or just pretenders.  Flacco goes against some very tough defenses (sorry fantasy owners it’s not looking good) and his performance vs them will decide if the Ravens grab a playoff berth.  With the Redskins in town, it’s start now for all Baltimore fans.  It’s Flacco and Jason Campbell fighting to keep their respected teams alive.  No Clinton Portis just might spell the end of the line for the “Skins”.  The Maryland and the DC area will be rocking on Sunday.  Their two teams will lace them up, and duke it out on the field.  It’s winner take all, bragging right, plus a brighter hope for the right to play in January.  Washington  24-20

4 – Atlanta Falcons (8-4) at New Orleans Saints (6-6)

Stick a fork in them they are toast, the Saints I mean for this season.  But for the highly improved Falcons, they need this victory to keep pace in the NFC South.  A win for them and they move into second place with the loser of the Tampa Bay and Carolina game on Monday night.  Two keys for the revival of the Falcons are (rookie of the year winner) Matt Ryan and the sensation called Michael Turner.  These two have the Falcons offense flying high this season, with Ryan’s impressiveness he’s shown as a rookie.  And the birth of another great back in the league.  Sorry L.T. I’m thinking that San Diego let the wrong person go.  The Saints are playing for pride, and for next season.  Drew Brees who should be in contention for the MVP award, is looking to start building for next season.  I’d love to say the Saints win, but this is just to close to call.  Which prevails playoffs or pride, I have to say pride in this contest.  That’s why I’m taking the Saints.  New Orleans 31-26

3 – Dallas Cowboys (8-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3)

For the Cowboys it’s easy, you win and you stay alive in the NFC playoff hunt.  A loss and your done, it’s over see you next year.  Why this game’s not on Sunday night I have no idea.  It deserves to be, with these two great teams, their history and battles they have had.  That and the playoff ramifications it has, in both conferences.  For the Steelers it keeps them in first in the AFC North, and keeps five other teams fighting for a wild card berth.  Well the Cowboys we know it all ready.  Win and they stay alive, a loss and they can forget it.  After their easy win last week in New England, it’s time for the Steelers to show the NFL why they are back.  It’s solely on the strength of their defense.  Getting to the QB and making the big plays when needed.  Yes, Ben Roethlisberger is good, but he hasn’t been stellar this season.  The running game is dinged up and key players haven’t provided their normal play.  For the Cowboys Tony Romo, watch your fingers, and your back.  You just might spend a lot of Sunday on it (Sorry Jessica).  You know I can never pick the Cowboys to win, and it pains me to go with the Steelers, but I have to pick one.  Pittsburgh 20-17

2 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3) at Carolina Panthers (9-3)

This is a true NFC South show down on Monday night football.  Winner takes the lead in the South, loser falls back with one less week to climb back into it.  The Panthers shocked just about everyone last week with their late, comeback victory over Green Bay.  Can Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith and the new found running combo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart do it again this week?  Carolina’s defense will need to pick it up this week and hold Jeff Garcia and the Bucs at bay.  It’s offense vs defense which ever plays better, will decide this game.  One thing is for sure Charlotte will be rocking that night.  Fans will be pumped, players psyched, and it will be a great one to watch.  If Cadillac Williams and Warrick Dunn are able to move the ball on the ground and eat the clock.  I don’t see the Panthers coming back two weeks in a row, sorry folks.  This is my upset pick of the week.  Tampa Bay 21-20

1 – Miami Dolphins (7-5) at Buffalo Bills (6-6) In Toronto

Here it is everyone, it’s the whole kitten caboodle.  I love this game on paper, and I’m sure to love it Sunday.  We have half of the battling AFC East facing off here, and in Canada of all places.  For Miami they win and their road to the playoffs stays easier, they lose and they need a bunch of help to get in.  The Bills they lose and they are done, even if they win they most likely are done.  I’m a New England fan we all know that, so I have to say go BUFFALO!  No way do I want the Dolphins to gain another victory, but let’s face reality here.  I hate to say this but it looks like Miami will win.  With Trent Edwards likely out, and J.P. Losman making his first start in over a year.  That’s not good for Bills or Patriots fans.  Great if you happen to be a Dolphins person.  We can see the “wildcat formation” in Canada, wonder what the play sounds like in French.  Miami 21-16