Giving Thanks!


We all have so many different reasons to be giving thanks right now.  For one it’s Thanksgiving, and the NFL gave us three very lousy games scheduled.  I mean come on they couldn’t find better teams to play on this holiday.  It’s time they discontinued the tradition of the Detroit Lions playing on this day.  I’d even go so far as to say get rid of the Dallas Cowboys also.  We want games that will entertain us, not bore us like they did today.  If we’re going to be forced to continually see these teams at least make the games worthwhile.  Here’s a suggestion “Allow the Lions to play a high school football team, so they at least have a pray of being in the game by HALFTIME!”  Match the Cowboys up with another team within their division, make it at least competitive.  Enough with “hey this team looked good last year crap, give them a meaningful team”. 

What we saw this afternoon and also including the evening contest, was down right painful to watch.  Even for the most die hard of football fans.  I admit at halftime of the Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks game it was so far out of reach I quite watching it.  I went and watched “How the Grinch stole Christmas” with the family.  And trust me that movie puts me to sleep every time.  But I jumped at the chance to watch it over that boring uninteresting game that FOX was showing.  I mean come on when the winners combine to win by 90 points, there’s something wrong.  Poor planning or thinking on the scheduling committee’s part.  Were they thinking hey let’s give the Cowboys, Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles easy victories. 

They must of been, since they all won easily.  I’m just down right disgusted by the NFL’s picks for headline games on this Thanksgiving.  Maybe next year they’ll decide to book better competition and teams.  Enough is enough with let’s try and get all 32 NFL teams on television throughout the course of the season.  Face it some teams just don’t deserve to be seen by the entire country each year.  And yes sorry fans of the Lions, that means your team.  Let’s keep it fun and enjoyable for all the fans around the world.

For myself I’m thankful for the little things in life right now.  Had the chance to spend the day relaxing, stuffing myself on the delicious foods my wife and in-laws made.  Played with the kiddies, got smacked around by the little brutes but it’s all worth it in the end.  I hope that each and everyone of you enjoyed this special day, no matter what you did or who you were with.  Continue to be safe this weekend and let’s all pray that we get some better football the rest of this weekend.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING and GO ENJOY THE EARLY HOLIDAY SHOPPING!