Penalties And Turnovers!


It’s halftime in Miami between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.  With the score 17-14 in favor of the Patriots.  The second half will answer the question who wants it more, the Pats or the Phins.  The story line so far would be penalties and turnovers on the Patriots part.  If you looked at the first half stats you would think that the Patriots would be well ahead.  With NE leading is just about all the offensive categories, the score at the half doesn’t reflect the stats. 

Of course turning the ball over twice on turnovers, will not help your cause either.  After a Matt Cassel interception and a Sammy Morris fumble.  The Dolphins turned around and converted them into 14 points very big points.  Cassel already has thrown for 205 yards on 18 of 25 passes with a very big touchdown to Randy Moss late in the second quarter.  With Wes Welker and Jabar Gaffney helping out the passing game with huge receptions.  Allowing New England to move the ball down the field pretty much with ease.  But the Patriots find ways to shoot themselves in the foot by being called for costly and dumb penalties.

Already called five times for accepted penalties have pushed the Patriots backwards on the offensive side.  And helped propel the Dolphins down the field.  Setting up their first touchdown of the day.  A Chad Pennington to Greg Camarillo three yard catch in the end zone.  Pennington helped his own cause out by running for a seven yard scramble and his first rushing TD in over four years.  Miami gets the ball to start the second half.  So it shall be interesting to see how their offense comes out.  Can they get anything going on the rushing side.  with only 39 yards rushing in the first half. 

The Dolphins have used the “Wildcat Formation” on numerous plays and so far the Patriots defense has held it in check.  Vince Wilfork has been huge all game so far for the Pats.  No matter if he’s plugging the holes in the defensive line or devouring the runner with his size and strength.  There’s still of football to play and these teams have plenty left in their tanks.  The playoffs are on the line, thirty minutes of football left and will it be enough to decide which team wants it more.  Those answers will be known in a short amount of time.  Hopefully for the Patriots they stop the turnovers and dumb penalties and get back to playing there style of football.  If they want to continue playing in January or keep those hopes alive they need to turn it around and fast.  Enjoy the second half and GO PATRIOTS!