Week 12’s Top Match-Ups!


Watch out now but it’s getting very close to Thanksgiving.  And we all know what that means, the NFL playoffs are right around the corner.  And the late season push by many teams will have them fighting and battling it out for those few and very precious spots.  So with that being said it’s time now for week 12’s top match-ups in the National Football League.  I actually could of made this list longer but decided I’ll keep the list to the normal five.  I’m back home from being on the road for awhile.  So it’s back to basics and the normal simple things in life.  Enjoy the feature article and get ready for some great battles on the gridiron this coming weekend.

5 – Indianapolis Colts (6-4) at San Diego Chargers (4-6)

We have a Sunday night football showdown that just doesn’t have the same feelings as it would have a year or so ago.  So why’s it on the list.  I’ll tell you easily, it’s two teams in this league that I personally can’t stand.  You have Peyton Manning on one side and LaDainian Tomlinson on the other.  Neither is having a great year and their team’s have suffered dearly for their poor play.  LT has been hurt and crying like a little baby, “My toe has an owie” to anyone within ear shot.  Manning has dealt with key injuries to offensive personnel all season, such as Marvin Harrison, Joseph Addai and Jeff Saturday.  Those injuries have taken their toll on the normal consistent kick butt in the AFC South Colts.  So much that for the first time in a long time they are looking up at the Tennessee Titans and trying to hang on to a wild card spot.  As a New England fan the winner of this game doesn’t matter much.  If the Colts win, that’s great it pushes SD further behind us for a wild card spot.  If SD wins and we win, it puts us one game up on Indy.  So either way it works for us.  For now I have to go with.  Indianapolis 27-23

4 – Carolina Panthers (8-2) at Atlanta Falcons (6-4)

What a football game this should be.  Two teams on the rise this year and both of them from the NFC South.  The first place Panthers led by Jake Delhomme and the running back duel of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.  The duel have combined for almost 1300 rushing yards and twelve touchdowns on the ground.  They have brought the running game back from the dead for Carolina this year.  Carolina with the league’s sixth best rushing offense should have a field day vs the league’s twenty-second worst rush defense in the Falcons.  The key for Atlanta is young rookie of the year winner (yes I’m calling the race now) Matt Ryan to remain focused and utilize his speedy wide-outs.  With Roddy White and Michael Jenkins teaming up with Jerious Norwood and Michael Turner too bring life back to Atlanta that’s been missing for a few years now.  Who’s defense can make that timely stop late in the game will decide the winner.  I’m going against my better judgement in this contest and going with the upset winner by taking.  Atlanta 31-27

3 – N.Y. Giants (9-1) at Arizona Cardinals (7-3)

This is really weird and funny for me but here’s my upset of the week.  Everyone says the Giants led by Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs and the great leaders on defense will roll into Arizona.  And walk away with an easy victory.  But I don’t by that at all, first off Jacobs is banged up and not fully healthy, as is Plaxico Burress.  Eli’s a good decent quarterback, but he’s not the type that can win it solely on his arm.  Backup’s Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw could get the majority of carries, especially near the goal line.  But I’m going against the odds and making this my upset special of the week.  I love the job that veteran Kurt Warner has done with the Cardinals this year.  With the best combo of receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin on either side of you, you can’t miss.  I mean come on the pair have over 1700 yards receiving and 16 touchdowns.  And that’s with Boldin missing a few games from injury.  The Giants secondary will get torched and they shouldn’t feel bad, they’ll join the majority of the league’s secondary and corners in being lite up.  Get ready for the fireworks in the air, and the blitz attack on the ground.  I love Arizona this week to beat up on New York and deflate some life from their bubble.  Arizona  34-30

2 – Green Bay Packers (5-5) at New Orleans Saints (5-5)

With the Saints lying on life support and their playoff hopes fading fast in the NFC.  Drew Brees and company need this game much more than the Packers.  Green Bay is tied for first in the NFC North with the Vikings and Bears.  The Saints have a tougher road ahead of them to climb back into a wild card spot, they can forget the division with the Panthers well ahead of them.  The key for the Saints will be there defense, can they stop Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Grant from controlling the clock.  I think not so it’s going to be an easy victory for the Packers with Rodgers exposing a truly weak secondary.  Look for Greg Jennings and Donald Driver to have career days and Rodgers to throw for over 350 yards.  The Saints for any chance will need to run the ball well with Reggie Bush still uncertain to play in the game.  Brees will need to hit Marques Colston and Lance Moore with the deep down the field balls.  I see the Packers as just being to much for Brees and the Saints to compete in this Monday night contest.  Green Bay will dominate all sides of the ball and easily win this shoot out.  Green Bay 42-31

1 – New York Jets (6-4) at Tennessee Titans (10-0)

Why this game wasn’t moved to Sunday night I have no idea.  The Titans enter as the league’s last undefeated team this season.  And the Jets find themselves in unfamiliar territory, that’s with being in first place in the AFC East.  This is just to close to call, in my opinion it comes down to the running backs.  You have Thomas Jones for the Jets and LenDale White and Chris Johnson for the Titans.  The pair of White and Johnson have been outstanding for the offense of the Titans.  Now you take a look at the QB’s and you have the ageless and stupid Brett Favre and the gritty laid back Kerry Collins.  Both players know what it’s like to make the Super Bowl with Farve winning it all before.  But Favre’s play is erratic and concerning if you ask me.  You pressure him and the Titans defense will pressure and rattle him, and he’ll throw an easy “pick six”.  That’s his motto pressure him and he’ll throw a lame duck pass up into the arms of the opposing team.  Collins until last week really hadn’t shown much in the air, preferring to use the ground game until it was stopped and needed to utilize the receivers he has.  So who wins again it’s tough, if the Titans lose we can stop all the early talk of a team going undefeated.  If the Jets lose it’s better for the Patriots, as a New England victory and Jets lose puts them back into a tie.  I hate to say this but it’s to close to call.  So I’ll flip a coin……and the winner is.  Tennessee  27-23