OK enough is enough, I've finally had it. And here's what I'm talking abou..."/> OK enough is enough, I've finally had it. And here's what I'm talking abou..."/>

Kill The Brady Rumors!


OK enough is enough, I’ve finally had it. And here’s what I’m talking about, recently over the last few days it’s being reported and mentioned that the New England Patriots have thought about and even considered trading the NFL’s best quarterback in the league Tom Brady. First off it’s time to kill the Brady rumors once and for all. There is no chance in HELL that the Patriots would ever trade Brady away. Why would you want to, he’s only made the Patriots the dynasty team of the 2000 decade and WON three Super Bowls for this organization. Yes he was injured and lost for the season very early on back in week one. But like most injuries they will heal and Brady will recover and soon regain his Super Bowl caliber play. Not only for New England but also all of our fans throughout the world.

Current quarterback Matt Cassel has filled in and done a good job at replacing Brady this season. He’s won a few games, also lost a few with his inconsistent play on the field. Now the game’s not won or lost solely from the quarterbacks position, remember it is a team game. But the QB does have a lot of say in what happens play wise. Cassel has shown signs of brilliance and determination, and also hesitation and lack of confidence at times. And the negative side is the fact that New England has removed it’s self from the offensive style of last year’s play with Cassel under center. Who’s to blame for making that call, it’s not Cassel I will say that.

If anyone gets traded it will likely be Cassel himself. Why trade Cassel, it make sense if you think about it. It would allow him the opportunity to have and maintain a starting job in the league. He is a good quarterback who should and will only improve as time goes on. Allow him to go to one of the dozen or so teams that pop into my head that could use a good young rising star leading their team. Plus if he finishes out the season and gets New England into the playoffs, we just might be able to fill other needs we have on the team. No matter if it’s on the defensive side with our secondary or aging line backing crew. Or possibly getting an extra pick or two in next years draft.

So the bottom line is folks that Brady is back in Foxboro working on his rehab without distractions. Everything looks and from what I see and hear is right on track for his return to the field in late June or so. Brady will be lined up under center once pre season rolls around next year, and the rest of the league better watch out. Not only should Brady be back in game shape, to his old form on the field, but he’ll be rested an extra year. Without being sacked or hit throughout this season, it gives his body the refreshing it needed. Hey football takes a toll on your body while your playing and even so after your careers over. For Brady having a full year without his body being used as a battering ram only strengthens him for next year and the coming years. So forget it all you hopeful ones from around the league Tom Brady will be in a Patriots uniform next year. Back to his normal play on the field and ready to kick butt and take no prisoners. MARK MY WORDS AND WEEP FOR NEXT YEAR IT’S ALL NEW ENGLAND AND BRADY AGAIN BABY!