Week 10’s Top Match-Ups!


Watch out now, because it’s not only day one of my long ten day road trip this season.  But it’s also time for week 10’s top match-ups in the NFL.  I’ll be on the road making my way way through the southern states and back on this little journey.  So let’s get right into it and kick this party off.  No worries I’ll still be reporting on all the happenings throughout the league from the road.  Thank god for wireless Internet, that’s what I have to say.  Don’t forget we have the opening game’s on Thursday now starting with the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns tonight.  All these games will be shown exclusively on the NFL Network so fans that have satellite sit back and enjoy them, those of you still stuck on cable, I hate it for you.

5 – Tennessee (8-0) vs Chicago (5-3)

The Tennessee Titans the NFL’s only undefeated team travels to the windy city to lock horns with the Chicago Bears.  On the field will be two powerhouses on defense.  On the offensive side we have newly appointed Rex Grossman taking over the play calling with the injury to Kyle Orton.  Look for running backs Chris Johnson and LenDale White to pound the way for the Titans.  Kerry Collins to play his normal game of consistent no turnover’s style of offense.  The edge defensivley lies with the Titans but for another week, I don’t like the Titans offense.  I give that edge to DA BEARS!  If Grossman can use his skills and play virtually error free football, which we all know is easier said than done.  Then the Bears just might get the upset.  If not the Titans defense will make him pay for any mistakes.  Tennessee 20-17

4 – Indianapolis (4-4) vs Pittsburgh (6-2)

What a treat we get here, two of the past three Super Bowl winners square off.  The Indianapolis Colts fresh off their lucky win last weekend travel to face the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers have a few question marks on offense, such as the game time status of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and which Willie Parker will show up.  Parker just returning from a four week hiatus due to injury, needs to pick up the offense and move the ball on the ground.  Even if the Steelers are without Big Ben, back up Byron Leftwich will have no trouble filling in.  If anyone knows the Colts it’s Leftwich from his days spent in Jacksonville.  Peyton Manning will need the help of everyone on the offense if they have a pray of up ending the Steelers at home.  Joseph Addai will need to help on the ground and through the air.  Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison will face tough coverage all afternoon.  So look for Anthony Gonzalez to step up and bail Manning out this weekend.  Either way no matter who’s under center for the Steelers they take this contest on the back of their great defense.  Look for Manning to go down four times and toss at least one pick.  Pittsburgh 23-17

3 – Green Bay (4-4) vs Minnesota (4-4)

It’s an NFC North showdown in the nice non weather factoring dome.  The Green Bay Packers are still searching for their true identity with Aaron Rodgers under center.  Ryan Grant and his explosion into the NFL last season, has been a massive dud this year.  But things could change quickly, with the possibility of Jared Allen not being on the field for the Minnesota Vikings.  Without Allen the defensive line takes a massive hit and it just might be enough for Grant to get back to his ways in the running game.  On paper this should be all Green Bay, they have the better quarterback, receivers, their defense has been better and much more consistent all season.  But let’s not forget about a little speedy back named Adrian Peterson who’s fast approaching another 1,000 rushing season.  He just might get the 177 yards he needs to top the century mark if he’s able to pop a few holes and expose the Packers.  Now with Gus Frerotte at quarterback it gives the Vikings a much nicer option than with Tarvaris Jackson.  Jackson was tossed into the mix way to early, and it showed all last season.  He needs to sit back, open the playbook and learn from the journey man Frerotte.  Watch the Vikings secondary be torched all game thanks to Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.  It’ll be all green in Minny on Sunday as in all Green Bay.  Green Bay 34-23

2 – San Francisco (2-6) vs Arizona (5-3)

I know people want to know why this game’s on the list of top five this weekend.  Easy the Arizona Cardinals are tops in the NFC West this year and I love the way they look now.  The better quarterback in Kurt Warner is on the field, sorry but it’s true.  With Warner it makes your receivers in Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald along with Steve Breaston more potent.  The emergence last week of running back Tim Hightower should spell the end of Edgerrin James and his days in a Cardinals uniform.  Which is quite sad if you ask me, if Arizona could use them both in the backfield, and do it consistently it only deepens their offense and allows for more weapons on the field.  The San Francisco 49ers and new interim coach Mike Singletary will provide a few intriguing moments in the game.  Look for Frank Gore to power the 49ers running game.  Plus quarterback Shaun Hill will look to hold onto the starting job for a few weeks.  Hill needs to do what he knows throw the ball accurately, hit the open receivers and use Gore out of the backfield.  Can I say it again, USE GORE out of the backfield.  Do those things and we could have an instant classic.  Neither defense is great, but both have the signs of things bigger and better coming soon.  Fantasy wise it’s a great game with the offensive numbers that could be put up.  So start these guys, enjoy it and for now unless anything changes I like the Cardinals at home to roll to a high scoring win.  Arizona 38-30

1 – N.Y. Giants (7-1) vs Philadelphia (5-3)

A game with huge importance not only to the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles but to the rest of the NFC East.  It’s one vs three in this meeting.  The great news for Phily is it’s at home and on Sunday night.  The Eagles led by Brian Westbrook and Donovan McNabb will look to stop the Giants and gain some much needed ground in the quest for the division.  McNabb has the offensive weapons to stop the G-Men with rookie DeSean Jackson, veteran Kevin Curtis returning to action.  If the Phillies oops my bad thinking baseball I mean Eagles, can win this game there’s no reason why they can’t be 8-3 going into week 13.  The Giants need Eli Manning to return to last year’s form, no interceptions are nice.  But throwing only for 147 yards a game won’t cut it against this type of defense.  Brandon Jacobs will find running a very hard thing in this game.  The Eagles have a great run stopping defense so it might make for a long night for Jacobs and Manning.  Manning needs to use all his options on the offense side of the ball.  As does McNabb, since both defenses have been very stingy this season in the running game.  It’s in Phily and I have to think the fans will be rocking and still throwing down from the Phillies World Series victory.  So that’s why I’m making this my upset pick of the week and taking the Eagles.  Philadelphia 19-17