Week 9’s Top Match-Ups!


Look at this it’s time already for another week of Musket Fire’s week 9’s top match-ups in the NFL.  And it’s HALLOWEEN today, so let’s kick off this weekend, right now!  I’m enjoying this week’s list with a few key games between divisional opponents on tap.  Let’s jump right into the breakdowns!

5 – Arizona (4-3) at St. Louis (2-5)

This will be a great NFC West game, the first of two within five weeks time, that could decide the winner from the West.  True the Rams have been horrible to start the season but if you look division, it’s still any one’s for the taking.  Mark Bulger has been a huge disappointment this year, as has Steven Jackson who again is injured and his status is uncertain for Sunday’s game.  But Bulger has the chance to exploit a weak Cardinals secondary and use the speed of high rising receiver Donnie Avery, plus the veteran Torry Holt still has a few tricks left in his bag.  Yes, his speed’s diminished over the last few years, but he can still catch and run, and break a few open.  For the Cardinals it’s Kurt Warner and company on offense going up against a weak Rams defense.  Warner has targets galore to utilize with Larry Fitgerald and Anquan Boldin at his disposal.  Toss in rookie Tim Hightower in the back field, the veteran Edgerrin James knowledge of the game.  And we have a potential for a a high scoring game.  Neither team’s defense will be spectacular, yes they’ll apply pressure and record a few sacks.  But this game should be mainly played in the air with both throwers able to air it out at will.  The team that capitalizes and burns the others coverage will take this meeting.  For “Zona” a win keeps them on top of the West, a Rams win pulls them closer to to the top and applies more pressure on “Zona”.  Look for a shootout, if you have the chance to watch this game, you better, it’s sure to be a high paced let’s burn it to the max offense minded game.  ARIZONA 34-24

4 – PITTSBURGH (5-2) AT WASHINGTON (6-2) – Monday Night

Football fans will love this game, two teams the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins from FedEx Field on Monday night football.  You look across the board and this is just about as even a match-up as possible.  With the potential return of Steelers running back Willie Parker and Santonio Holmes back on the field, the Steelers offense will be at full force finally to the delight of their fans.  The quarterbacks in Jason Campbell for the “Skins” and Ben Roethlisberger for Pitt have the accuracy and ability to use the deep threat at will.  Both have the speedy receivers in the likes of Hines Ward, Nate Washington and Holmes, included in the mix are Santana Moss, the former Steeler Antwaan Randle El and the versatile Chris Cooley.  The edge lies in the Redskins using Cooley much more in the offense than the Steelers do with Heath Miller.  Cooley can do it all basically for a team’s offense, he’ll block the linebacker coming on the end, run through the middle of the field after the catch, but what he does the best is protecting the ball.  You know I can’t and won’t root for the Steelers this week or just about any given week, so it’s all Redskins.  I take them to win and hopefully knock the Steelers off their pedestal.  WASHINGTON 27-24

3 – DALLAS (5-3) AT N.Y. GIANTA (6-1)

The mighty Dallas Cowboys oh how we have fallen, not just fallen but looked down right horrible lately.  Guess it’s a good thing it’s Halloween weekend.  If you’d like to see scary, horrified, and frightening things, just watch the Cowboys play on Sunday.  Since even before losing Tony Romo to injury, the Cowboys have been might I say not “America’s Team” as they proclaimed themselves some years ago.  Brad Johnson starting his third straight game, and we’ll see another game of Terrell Owens crying for his QB.  A lifeless defense that allows points galore put up on them.  Wade Phillips right back on the hot seat after this week’s loss.  The potential of Jason Witten missing this game due to an injury, makes it very realistic the Cowboys have under 200 total yards of offense in this game.  I’m sorry the New York Giants have been playing great football lately.  True they lost to the Cleveland Browns and I did love that, but it was a just a fluke.  Brandon Jacobs will enjoy a week of freedom running at will with the atrocious run defense of Dallas.  Eli Manning will have time to dissect the coverage and use his receivers all afternoon.  It’s truly a great time any day the Cowboys lose, my only sadness is I can’t witness it in person.  NEW YORK 37-21


Sorry Tennessee Titans I know that your the last undefeated team in the NFL. After this weekend’s game with the Green Bay Packers, it’s over.  You won’t be perfect anymore, mark my words Titan fans it’s over!  The Packers are coming off their bye week, they’re rested, injuries have healed some more.  And Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Grant along with the supporting cast of Greg Jennings and Donald Driver and don’t forget the heart and soul of the Packers defense Nick Collins and Charles Woodson.  For the Titans who like the Packers are coming off a victory over the Indianapolis Colts quite easily I might add also.  The hopes will rest in the legs of LenDale White and rookie Chris Johnson.  Yes Johnson handles the bulk of the carries but look who’s on top in the NFL with touchdowns, it’s none other than White with ten TD’s.  Quarterback Kerry Collins has played well enough, in not turning the ball over a lot, and having the ability to move the team down the field.  So as if they are not able to score six points it allows kicker Rob Bironas to tack on three points at least.  Field goals are nice but going against an offense such as the one the Packers have just won’t cut it this week.  Of all the early games this will be the one I’m watching.  Just relaxing sitting back with my feet up, enjoying my fantasy quarterback and praying he has a big week for me.  Then on the flip side I have White and I’ll be hoping he breaks another 80 yard-er wide open and takes it to the house for the score.  It’s a winning situation for me, watching football, and following my fantasy players.  Oh about the game yeah I’m sorry was in fantasy world for a moment.  GREEN BAY  30-24

1 – N.Y. JETS (4-3) AT BUFFALO (5-2)

Well look at what we have here, both teams the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills from the AFC East.  The Bills are one of the league’s surprise teams this year at 5-2 on the season.  Buffalo has a new found offense that’s been firing on all cylinders with the excellent play of quarterback Trent Edwards and speed at the receiver position in Lee Evans.  The running game’s been in motion thanks to the likes of Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson.  On the Jets side of the ball you have the ageless wonder in Brett Favre, the running attack of Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.  Mix that in with the rebirth of receivers Lavernanues Coles, Jerricho Cotchery and Chansi Stuckey all due to Favre’s arrival.  You factor all those key players on offense into the equation and we have a potential for a great game.  Now I’m a die hard New England Patriots fan, but for this game I’m torn.  I’m torn between which team to actually root for in the contest.  It’s a toss up basically either way it goes, it help the patriots if Buffalo loses but also helps if the Jets lose.  For now I’m going with.  BUFFALO 27-23