It’s About Time This Happened!


Thank you very much San Francisco 49ers head coach, Mike Singletary.  For doing what’s needed to be done for years to a high priced wanna be, under achiving cry baby star in the NFL.  All I can say is it’s about time this happened in the NFL.  For those of you that have not yet seen or heard what happened in the game between the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers on Sunday, I’ll bring you up to speed.  It’s late in the third quarter with the Seahawks winning 27-6 and the 49ers driving for a score.

The niners tight end Vernon Davis just completes a seven yard catch and run on 1st and 10 from quarterback Shaun Hill.  And after popping right back up, he goes and gets a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty called for slapping the face mask of the Seahawks safety Brian Russell.  Talk about a bone headed play and potential drive killer.  After the penalty Davis non-chalantly glides over to the bench and gets an earful from Singletary.  Davis for some strange reason can’t understand why the coach is so upset.  That was the main reason why Singletary, sends him from the field and into the showers early on in the forth quarter. 

Hm-mm, gee could it be because your an idiot, an over priced athlete who thinks of himself first and his team second.  Just a few things that pop into my mind when I think of Davis, who’s been a major bust for the 49ers ever since they drafted him with the six overall pick a few ago.  Davis’s attitude and lack of consistent production, hopefully with have him out of San Francisco at year’s end.  Whatever the outcome of this confrontation is maybe Davis will have that light bulb go off in his head.  Wake up and realize what he needs to do to stay in the organization and quite possibly the NFL.

I needed to comment on this, because if you look in the papers or read headlines throughout the NFL this year.  You notice the league is cracking down or players that don’t mesh with the new league’s image it wants for their players now.  We see and hear about Adam “Don’t call me PacMan” Jones antics for much of the last year and a half.  Matt Jones down in Jacksonville, getting arrested for possession of drugs and plea bargaining to avoid jail time.  Enough is enough, no more giving a player four or five chances, it happens once take action and lay the lay down. 

Now before I finish this up, I do need to comment on the entire situation between the Cleveland Browns and Kellen Winslow that it was handled wrongly on part of the Browns.  Winslow needed to come forward and clear the air amidst all the rumors spreading as to why he was hospitalized for a few days and missed a game.  The Browns were concerned about another story being leaked pertaining to staph infection’s and their organization.  Winslow handled the matter accordingly and tried to do it quietly till the Browns stepped in and demanded he remain quiet about the infection.  That I have no problem with Winslow stepping up and speaking out.  It’s about time the league fixes this problem once and for all.  Let them know it happens again and YOUR DONE, not for this year but PERMANETLY in the NFL!