Boston Sports Weekend!


Sports fans are we ready for our very own Boston sports weekend.  I certainly hope you are.  On tap for us over the next 48 hours could possibly make this a magical two days for not only us but all of the beloved fans of the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots.  The Red Sox have a must win game six tonight down in Tampa Bay.  You can only get to that intense nail biting game seven with first taking care of business and winning game six.  A Sox win tonight that forces the all or nothing winner take all and welcome to the World Series game seven Sunday night in Tampa.

Looking ahead if the Sox win both games six and seven and advance into the World Series and the Patriots can some how beat the Denver Broncos on Monday night, the city of Boston will be rocking.  Where else except in Boston can you have three huge games slated in a mere 48 hours or less.  Sorry New York it’s not you this time, it’s our time to cherish it, step up to the plate, fire up the grills and pray for a good ending to this weekend.  We have witnessed miracles happening over the last few years, can this weekend be a dream miracle for all of the Boston sports fanatics.  This one faithful fan is certainly hoping it is.  I’d love to see two things happen, first the Sox make it to the world series vs the Philadelphia Phillies.  And secondly any time that the Patriots can knock off the feisty, pain’s in our ass Broncos I love it. 

For to many years the Broncos have been a major pain in our sides.  Thanks to the great Hall of Famer John Elway and his constant ability to make magical moments happen on the field against us and the entire league through his playing years.  If it wasn’t for Cleveland being in the majority of those heart breaking moments, I’d really feel horrible.  To a Patriots fan it just always seems like Elway saved his best for us, but thanks to the NFL Network and ESPN Classics I can always find a few moments of comfort.  Turn them on and sit back and watch a replay of Elway ripping the hearts out of the Cleveland Browns, or just chuckling at Ernest Byner’s big oops  I forgot the ball on the one yard line.  I offer my thanks to Cleveland for making myself and the rest of Patriot’s Nation feel a hell of a lot better.  Saying to our selves it’s not just us over and over.  Elway’s gone but not forgotten, the reigns are now in the hands of a rising star named Jay Cutler.

The stories are well documented in regards to the ineffectiveness and the lack of consistent play on the part of Jay Cutler last year.  But fortunately for Cutler and the Broncos faithful, you both found the reason and the solution to get not only Jay but the Broncos back on track this year.  Jay Cutler was diagnosed with diabetes late into the season last year.  With having that knowledge going into this season it changes the entire cenario for Jay.  He now not only knows how to manage and maintain his body in dealing with his disease, but also how to regain the form and success he had prior to last season.  In figuring out the problem and being able to correct them this year makes not only Cutler but the rest of the high flying Broncos team a force to be reckon with this year.

So to wrap this baby up, it’s time to relax, time to pray and get ready for another sports miracle for our teams Boston.  Let’s watch the Sox do what they do best, and the Patriots get back to Patriots way of football with a victory Monday night.  Both of those happen we can start to PARTIEEEEEEE, as we like to say in New England.  If not we can just chalk it up to letting the little people have a shot at greatness for this year.  So sit back, get your favorite beverage and let’s all enjoy this roller coaster miracle ride to another Boston sports weekend!