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Charged Up….. Not New England!


Everyone knows the old saying “Why put off tomorrow what you can do today” well folks that’s what I’m doing right now.  It’s just about to strike midnight on the East coast, and I’m stuck thinking do I write up my recap of tonight’s game between the New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers.  Or do I hang out and relax, think a little, maybe gather my thoughts and write a more partial piece in the morning.  Screw it that’s what I settle on and so here I am trying my hardest to be nice about what I say tonight from the Patriots.  One team was charged up…..not New England unfortunately.  San Diego just shalacked us 30-10 in prime-time NBC Sunday Night Football.

From the start of the game the Chargers were fired up and ready to battle it out on the field.  You tend to think that way when quarterback Philip Rivers connects on a deep bomb to receiver Vincent Jackson for a nice 48 yard reception on the game’s opening play.  Jackson just beat the snot out of corner back Deltha O’Neal not only on that play but throughout the entire game.  The Pats defense actually tightened up and kept the Chargers from getting into the end zone.  Forcing the Chargers to settle for a Nate Kaeding 25 yard field goal to cap the opening drive.

The key for the Chargers in beating the Patriots was getting past their secondary just about every chance they had.  Let’s not just blame O’Neal, teammates Rodney Harrison and Ellis Hobbs were equally torched throughout the game.  Normally in any other meeting you shut down Rivers and the passing game and only have to worry about LaDainian Tomlinson beating you, but that wasn’t the case tonight.  On Sunday the roles were reversed, we were able to contain LT for the most part.  He finishes with 20 carries for 74 yards with the majority of his yards coming on a big 27 yard run near the end of the third quarter.  Toss in 44 yards on three receptions, and keeping him from hitting pay dirt you would think you win the game.

But like I mentioned earlier the roles were reversed, we shut down LT and the rest of San Diego’s running game.  And it’s the dam passing game that truly bites us in the ass, ultimately costing us the game.  When you allow Rivers the time and the opportunity to sit back in the pocket, not under pressure you get burned.  With completions of 28, 48, 49, and 59 yards to three different players verse your defense and secondary, it plainly means your doing something wrong with your defensive play calling or maybe it’s time to get some new people in your secondary that can break up a flipping pass play every once in awhile.