Who Steps Up!


The New England Patriots head out to the West coast and have two games on.  First off are the San Francisco 49ers, then it’s just up the road aways to face their rivals in the AFC the San Diego Chargers.  We enter a key stretch in the season schedule with this nine day road trip.  The key question on the mind of all Patriot fans is who steps up to lead their running game.

We have four running backs any of them could and should be able to be the main man.  We drafted for Laurence Maroney three years ago out of Minnesota in the 06 draft with the 21st pick.  We wanted him to learn from then back Corey Dillon so there was no rush or pressure to toss him right into the mix of things.  But if you take a look into his career you’ll see he misses a lot of time due to various injuries (leg, groin) the wind blowing in the wrong direction you get the picture.  It’s been mentioned that with a few of these injuries he should of been able to play through them.  Well it’s time to man up Maroney and get your butt out on the field and lead the team.  It may only be your third year with the team but it’s time to step up and be a leader, play through an injury and show the rest of the world WHY we selected you with the 21st pick.

New England’s other backs are Sammy Morris, Lamont Jordan and Kevin Faulk.  We rescued Morris from where players go to die in agony, otherwise known as Miami the last few years.  He came out running from the start last season with 384 yards rushing, 3 touchdowns on only 85 attempts before suffering a season ending injury in week 6 at Dallas.  Jordan on the other hand spent his first four years in the league as a backup in New York with the Jets.  Before finally getting the starting nod in the hell hole called Oakland.  With the ability to pound it straight up the middle or break open a short pass in the backfield, he’s a key asset to the type of offense we need to run this year.

And last but not least is Faulk, a lot of people may not look at Faulk as a starter in the NFL.  But throughout the years he’s always been a quarterback’s best friend and safety valve.  In his ten year career all with New England he’s just proven he can play all sides of the ball. No matter if it’s as a punt or kick returner, a pass protection blocker or yes even a defender of defense.  Remember the Super Bowl years of 2001, 03 and 04 no matter what the situation called for if you look closely on offense you’ll see Kevin was there.  It doesn’t always show in the game stats but his teammates and Patriot Nation know it and cherish it.

Now is the time we as Patriots need each and every one of them on the field each Sunday.  It doesn’t matter if they do it together or as a unit.  Each week another needs to step up relieve some pressure of young Matt Cassel and help guide the offense to some normalcy.  Allow the offense to get back in control of the game and dominate our opponents.  Leave self pride in the locker room and embrace the team pride that we have all become accustomed to over the years.  The time is now for them to step up and help squash all the people that doubt this team with Tom Brady not at the helm.  Let’s show the league and the world why we’ve been the best over the years and the reasons why we’ll always be the best.  We are Patriots and can never be counted out regardless of the situation, if you don’t believe us just ask the 2001 St. Louis Rams about it.