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Tim Tebow: One Team's Trash is another Team's Treasure

"Why not Tim Tebow?" says Jacksonville Jaguar fans

“Why not Tim Tebow?” says Jacksonville Jaguar fans

This past Monday saw a section of the Jacksonville Jaguars fan base hold a rally of sorts to get the team to sign former New England Patriot castoff, and Florida legend Tim Tebow to an NFL contract, to play quarterback for their hapless team. The goal of this movement is to shame the Jacksonville Jaguars organization for their poor everything in recent years, according to the fan site The Jaguars right now are 0-2 and have managed just 11 points in total offense and one touchdown under the combined quarterback mastery of Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. These fans figure that things cannot possibly get any worse, so why not bring in Tebow and at least give him a shot. If you’re going to flounder, you may as well do it in some style.

Tebow was released by the Patriots last month as one of the final roster cuts, after he showed almost nothing that could benefit the Patriots team this year. Since then, he has no interest from any other NFL team until now. The Jaguars are awful, and there’s no getting around it. They can’t run the ball, they can’t pass, the defense is about the only thing that is remotely worth saving. The fans figure if they can bring Tebow, at least it would give them a feasible shot at winning football games, as we all know that Tebow is just a winner. It would also make the Jaguars a relevent team in terms of national attention. I guarantee you that the media would show up in droves, I’m looking at you ESPN, to get the latest on what Tebow had to eat that morning.

While Tebow may not have much in the way of football talent, he has quite a bit to offer the Jaguars organization and their incredibly loyal fan base, and no I’m not being sarcastic, they have a rather small, but awesome fan base, and they deserve better than what’s being thrown onto the field right now. Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert are about as incompetent a pairing of quarterbacks as you will ever find, so Tebow can’t do much worse. They have some potential in their young receiver core, with guys like Cecil Shorts III and Ace Sanders, along with the tight end security blanket that Tebow is guaranteed to love in Mercedes Lewis. Tim Tebow didn’t have anything of note or value to add to the New England Patriots, they already had national attention and didn’t need an increase in jersey sales, and he certainly didn’t add anything on the field, so he was expendable to them. In the case of the Jaguars, I agree, why not? If you’re going to suck, and #DrowneyForClowney or whatever hashtag has been made on twitter for Teddy Bridgewater, you may as well be as entertaining as possible while you do it, and Tebow is exactly that. Tim Tebow is the ultimate treasure for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he is a legend in Florida. While he’s increasing ticket and jersey sales, who knows, he might even win a few games in incredibly wild fashion.

What do you guys think of the Patriots third string quarterback of the preseason, potentially coming in and starting for the Jaguars? Is this the right move for them, or should they completely avoid Tebowmania? Should the Patriots held onto him for a bit longer and maybe see what they had in him in the long run? Let me know in the comments below.

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PLEASE NOTE: I’ve had some comments saying that I’m in the wrong, or hateful for calling Tebow “trash”. I’m not saying that, the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” was just a great way of describing the situation that the Jags and Tebow find themselves in. Sorry if anyone felt that I was insulting Tebow.

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  • Dbom

    Hey dude, you’ll fit right in with all the other journalist…I think I’ve read this same article 25 times in the last 3 days.

    Quote: “While Tebow may not have much in the way of football talent…”

    Yep, this “pre-writer” wrote that sentence!

    I guess someone should define “football talent” for me.
    Is it being a top FOOTBALL recruit out of High School?
    Is it winning the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore FOOTBALL PLAYER in College?
    Is it winning 2 national champoinships IN FOOTBALL?
    Is it holding 5 NCAA, 14 Southeastern Conference, and 28 University of Florida statistical records at the time of graduation (IN FOOTBALL)?

    Is it being a 1st round NFL draft choice? (The NFL is a FOOTBALL league)
    Is it winning 5- 4th Qtr/OT victories in 9 starts? (those are FOOTBALL starts, fyi)
    Is it Throwing 17 TDs vs 9 Ints and rushing for 12 more TDs in 9 starts? (you get the idea)
    Is it winning a playoff game (in PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL) against a top rated defense?

    Oh, it’s not?

    Football talent = completion % (and what people say on talk radio)

    Got ya.

    • Matt Wincherauk

      Hey man, before you go judging me, I really like Tebow. But college awards don’t mean you’re a great player. I never said he was terrible, but not having any interest in any NFL teams is pretty telling. They don’t think he has the necessary skill set to be a franchise QB is this league. So instead of getting all huffy and flustered over this, lets actually have a civil argument before you continue to insult me.

      • Dbom

        I guess it was the headline alluding to Tebow as trash that might have put me over the edge.

        Not trying to insult you but I keep reading over and over how “bad” Tebow is and yet I wonder how he was able to accomplish ANYTHING (in HS, college or Pros).

        And I was just reminding people, he actually did pretty well as a pro. Completion % is just part of the story and yet it has become THE ONLY story with Tebow. And yes, that bothers me.

        It’s a travesty of Justice, Brother!!!

        FWIW, Sorry for any disrespect, it was poor self control on my part…

        • Matt Wincherauk

          Hey man no worries! The thing with the title… I don’t think he’s trash, but it was a good phrase, that fit this situation. Tebow offered nothing to the Patriots, so they threw him out because he was unnecessary, unneeded. But to the Jaguars, this guy is a treasure, he’s truly valuable to the team, unlike the Patriots! An upgrade over their QBs, brings national attention, and increases revenue! So yeah, I don’t think he’s trash, I don’t think he’s a super talented player, but the Jaguars should definitely give him a shot, why not is right.

          And he is a winner, and needs to be given credit for that. He took a half decent Broncos team and won a playoff game with them. He’s just not the prototypical player that you’re looking for, but can definitely still add something to a really bad team like the Jaguars.

    • Tim Dillon

      There are plenty of players that are great in college but awful in the NFL. I mean, look at JaMarcus Russell. He was 24-4 at LSU as a starter and was named MVP of the Sugar Bowl. A personal college favorite of mine was Brady Quinn too; at Notre Dame he broke 10 career records on top of all the other records he broke there. Russell and Quinn failed in the NFL, though, since the systems are completely different. No one is disputing Tebow as a great college quaterback, but you can’t just focus on his limited time in Denver and claim that as NFL success. Even though his team went to the playoffs and won a game, the success wasn’t on him, it was on his defense, run game, and the ability of Matt Prater to kick 60 yard field goals. Tebow finished that season with a passer rating of 72.9, I wouldn’t call that a good quarterback. If we’re going based off of playoff wins alone, then Mark Sanchez is a better quarterback than Matt Ryan.

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  • Amar S.

    I feel the Jags can actually become a better team with Tebow. Imagine Tebow running read option out of Pistol with Robinson and MJD / whoever the second string RB is?

    • Matt Wincherauk

      Fast paced, exciting, and it’s something new. Maybe that gives you a shot against some teams, surprise them. I’d be down for it.

      • Amar S.

        Oh, I’m not a Jags fan, I’m a huge Pats fan. I’m also fan of Tebow since his gator days. It just disappoints me how the Jags don’t give him a chance.

  • Celia Westbrook

    The Jaguars should have been the team for Tebow since he was let go of the Broncos. If there’s a fitting player for the Jaguars, it’s Tebow. Yes, he needs to improve his mechanics and adapt to the fast pace of NFL football, but I think he would do well in Jax and Jax would do much better than what they have it now.

    It absolutely doesn’t make any sense for the Jaguars not to sign Tebow. The only thing that makes sense in not signing Tebow is for the owner, Shad Kahn, to really want to the team to sink so that he can have the opportunity to move the team as the London NFL base team. Well, he already bought Fulham F.C. of the English Premier League, so…., go figure.

  • Jean-Luc Marion

    I don’t like the title: “Tim Tebow: One Team’s Trash is another Team’s Treasure.” It seems somewhat hateful to refer to a player as trash. That’s just my opinion.

    Turning back to the subject at hand, I agreed with the Pats to cut Tebow. I think that he gave it a good shot but it didn’t pan out. I’m sure he wanted exposure so that he could possibly be of interest to other teams. I’m reminded of the fact that Tebow should’ve gone/traded to Jacksonville in the first place as opposed to being the second stringer in NYC after his famous year in Denver.

    • Matt Wincherauk

      I had this problem with another reader, I don’t think Tebow is trash, but the phrase fits. The Patriots threw Tebow out because lets face it, he was of no use to them. But to the Jaguars he is a treasure. I like Tebow, and think he’s an average player, but that saying, one man’s trash in another man’s treasure, just fit in this situation, because in reality, the Jags would be picking up the Patriots third stringer, and potentially make him their starter. I’m not trying to be hateful in anyway towards Tebow, as you can see in the article, I’m all for him getting a shot in Jacksonville, because he has a lot to offer the team in terms of media attention, revenue, and even something on the football field.