NFL Power Rankings: Top 10 After Week Two

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Sep 12, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) during the fourth quarter against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots won 13-10. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Week two is finally in the books, and it had quite a bit of everything this week. From here on out, I will be giving you my top 10 teams every Tuesday, so make sure to look for it. We had three blowouts, but after that every game was 10 points or less, and a number came down to last-minute plays. We had some ugly football, Jets vs Patriots and Ravens vs Browns just to name a few, and some high-flying absolutely thrilling action, Chargers vs Eagles and Packers vs Redskins. We had the much-anticipated Manning Bowl, which was dominated by big brother. But we have a lot to cover, so lets just jump right into things with the number one team… 

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  • Roc

    I honestly don’t think KC should be in the top 10 and I am a diehard Chiefs fan. To me they haven’t proved enough on offense. If they hold the Eagles to less than 21 points Thursday night then #8 is justified but right now after playing jax and Dallas at home and barely scraping by with a win I just can’t buy into the hype yet. Hopefully I’m wrong because I’ve been waiting for a long time to see my team become elite

    • PunjabiPete

      Your first sentence nullifies anything you could say in the rest of your post. I AM a diehard Chiefs fan, and they deserve to be even higher. Aaron Rodgers played one of the worst secondaries in football and he won. No one is insulting him because he played a crap team. I think we get a little jaded, but if you get into the National Football League, you are ALREADY with the elites. The Jacksonville Jaguars could beat almost any college team, and every semi-pro team with no problems. The difference between the worst team in the NFL and the best isn’t as big as you might think, which is why the year Detroit went 1-15 the team they beat was the best, the Packers. Ditto for us when we beat the Pack.

      I like how every time a team loses to us, it’s because they had an “off” day, or much ado is made about their injuries. Screw that. If we lost no one would give us the same treatment, no one cares if we lose Albert and Charles and Bowe… we lose because we suck. Good teams find a way to make up for losing playmakers… I’m going to stop because I’m getting annoyed but bottom line the Chiefs deserve to be on here until they lose a game they should have won. Winning by 1 point is still WINNING.

  • Rod

    spot on about Saints run game…Mark Ingram is NOT built for this offense…he needs to be in Pittsburgh or New York… We need a BIGGER bruiser back…when we had Deuce we had that…its time to give the rest of our backfield a try…or go to free agency and trade ingram for a draft pick or defense player…(or go after Richard Seymore in FA…may not be fiscally possible but he would DEFINITELY help secure our run game, he’s very dependable in that regard when it comes to preventing backdoor or interior running lanes)…Pierre Thomas is an even better back than he was before…We need another dominant back like Mike Bell or Deuce…surely there are some in free agency…I once thought that at least Ingram was a sure thin in ball security but not even that anymore…he needs to get his weight back…he seemed so much bulkier at Alabama…now he seems like a petite back with no power and poor vision…although I will say last sunday’s game at the goaline was a reflection of poor blocking by Jimmy Graham and poor playcalling (NEVER CALL A TOSS play at the one yard line against a defense that fast….NEVER…either a dive or a play quick screen not behind the line of scrimmage to the weakside of the defense…but NEVER a toss)…I’m surprised we haven’t been running more from a 12 personnel grouping or 22…with Graham and Watson its still like having a three receiver set…and if Sproles is in the backfield I would spread him out to make it a four reciever set…then I can hand off to the full back for short yardage depending on what the defense does to adjust…

  • Justin

    The Saints lost to the Bucs. They didn’t beat them…

    • Matt Wincherauk

      No idea what you’re talking about. Different football league? Because these Saints won 16-14.

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  • Jack Jackson

    Hello? This list is not rocket science, it’s opinions based upon personal preference and biased reasoning. That’s all, nothing more. Journalists use these techniques to stir emotion. With that said, how come you don’t have the Patriots at the #1 spot? Come on, give your own fan base more hope than that!

    • Matt Wincherauk

      Because I’m trying to be as UNBIASED and impartial as I can. The Patriots do deserve to be on this list, but I’m not going to put them at number one. And I would like to know where my “biased reasoning” comes into play.