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Aug 9, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) his is ankle examined after limping off the field in the third quarter of a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After a week-end of preseason games wrapped up, there are a number of storylines and news not just in New England but in the AFC East in general.  With the Patriots playing the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins twice each season, it is imperative to remain up-to-date on the divisional competition.  With Buffalo and the Jets as the first two games of the regular season in September, and with Miami picked to be the breakout performer this season after an offseason of free agent activity, be sure that the New England scouts are watching all three teams closely.


New York Jets outside linebacker and arguably their best and most important defensive player Quinton Coples is expected to miss three or four weeks with a hairline fracture of his ankle, the New York Daily News reported this morning. Although the injury will not require surgery, it is at a bad time in the development of the second year player. The injury happened Saturday night against Jacksonville when Coples was rushing Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne and fell awkwardly after making a strong play getting pressure on Henne and blocking a pass. Outside of Coples, the Jets had difficulty pressuring the quarterback last season and not having him on the field puts a lot of pressure on the secondary.


One performance that stood out Saturday night for the Jets was the performance of running back Bilal Powell.  Powell had 7 rushes for 68 yards including a 37 yard rumble and looked like the most explosive player on the offense. Backup running back Kahlil Bell had two touchdown rushes, but did not impress as he had trouble finding running room for the most part throughout the game. Chris Ivory didn’t make much of an impact in his first preseason game after missing much of training camp with a hamstring injury.  Ivory never seemed in sync and finished with 13 yards on six rushing attempts.


Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez took a step towards winning the starting quarterback job by default in New York as both rookie Geno Smith and third string quarterback Greg McElroy both missed the game with ankle injuries. Sanchez had a vintage Sanchez performance that is all too familiar to the denizens of East Rutherford, NJ: the Sanchize started strong in the game as he led a quick touchdown drive and completed five straight passes before coming back and throwing a dreadful red-zone interception.  By the end of the first half, the Jets fans were booing Sanchez as he screwed up a clock-management situation like a raw rookie by running out of time and not letting the field goal unit get on the field.


As usual, Sanchez had decent final numbers on paper by going 13-of-23 passing for 169 yards and one touchdown and one interception. However, Jets fans in attendance against Jacksonville Saturday night recognized that this was just another in a long line of frustrating Sanchez performances. The scoreboard may have said 37-13 at the end of the game and appear to be a dominant Jets performance, but the 13-10 deficit to the Jaguars at halftime was the real story.

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  • matr dontelli iii

    Overall the article is pretty fair, however there really aren’t many people who would argue or agree that coples is the best and most important defensive player. I would expect about ninety-five percent of jet fans and credible media would name either cromartie or Wilkerson as best and most important. It is a big loss, nonetheless.

    • Joe Soriano

      Yeah, Wilkerson and Cromartie are the two most important defensive players on the Jets, and I would go with Cromartie (I’m not a fan of the other players in the secondary).

    • Hal Bent

      Thank you for the feedback, Matr…I appreciate it. Should have clarified, most important for defense IMPROVING this season and POTENTIALLY the best player.
      As Pats have learned it doesn’t matter who is at CB if no pass rush. QBs will find someone to throw to eventually if given time. Coples (like Pats 1st rd pick same draft Chandler Jones) is key to their defense being dominant enough to win games when offense is stopped.

      • matr dontelli iii

        Much more accurate! ill watch for your stuff in the future. Thanks for the fair reporting, Hal. As I’m sure you’re aware, the jets don’t get much of that.

        • Joe Soriano

          Coples could be a real breakout star, even after he comes back from injury. I’ve always thought he is more explosive than Jones, and he could end up being the better pass rusher. But what separates them is Jones’s run defense, which was outstanding for a rookie last year. As for the Jets media, I’ll be frank in saying that there are only a few legit bright spots (Star-Ledger, Robin Lundberg Show) but an awful lot of bad. Here on Musket Fire, we pride on covering the AFC East in an unbiased way (though it may be difficult for some of us at times), and I think we do a pretty good job of that (at least, Hal does haha).

          • matr dontelli iii

            As I’ve said to Alan on the jet press site (which I guess is our equivalent of this site) I am not pleased with fansided’s decision to eliminate the individual team apps in order to push their generic one-site-fits-all app. I understand why they did it (cost and maintenance as well as increase site hits) but it increases trolling, which doesn’t affect fansided, as well as putting things I would not normally see right in my face. I’m a jet fan and I avoid what I call the clown media which includes espn, the daily news and many others including most of what I’ve seen from fansided itself. These guys don’t seem to realize that as part of the media, clown or otherwise, there are journalistic principles to uphold. Robin may be respectable but more than ninety percent of espn is garbage, in my opinion, and that includes their more likely to fail than perform radio app. Being as you guys have tebow you may want to check out manish mehta’s interview with him from last October in the daily news. The entire piece was an attempt to get him to bad mouth the jets. You should b able to google it. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll point you to it or send it to you or something. As would be expected, tebow handles himself very well.

          • Joe Soriano

            Alan is a class act, love working with him here on FanSided (we have some friendly banter from time-to-time as well). Not a Cimini fan? I see a lot of hate for him from Jets fans on Twitter, so not surprised there (if that’s the case). As far as FanSided goes, I can’t comment on any of that, but I will say that we do get trolls here from time-to-time. None of them are bad, but I’ve seen a few big-time trolls on TJP. As for Mehta’s interview with Tebow, I remember seeing it and shaking my head. Mehta has turned into something else with the NYDN, and that’s a shame. He actually used to be a good beat guy, and I firmly believe that there’s something in the water at that paper.

          • matr dontelli iii

            Cimini shows some insight from time to time but then he’s gotta get snarky and ruin it all. He’s better than a lot of ‘em though. The News’ tebow interview followed closely by chasing Rex to the Bahamas and taking pictures of him and his wife on vacation were the last straws for me, not to mention their website is a mess and their android app is worse. They continue to print Meyers and bondy, not to mention llupica. I have no use for serby at the post either. When these guys put their opinions into a supposed news column it’s bad enough, when they lack insight and throw what amounts to ignorant opinions in a supposed
            sports news article it becomes nonsense, if you have an opinion column its one thing, if you’re
            Writing a news article it’s gotta be based on fact not bad opinions. I’ll keep an eye on your columns and I will do my absolute best to rember where I am and be on my best behavior! I like what idzik has done and think we have a chance to be a playoff team, if the defense is as strong as we hope and if the offense improves under the new oc. We all know it can’t possibly be worse than last year. With a little luck the rivalry will be back this year. That’d be fun.

          • Joe Soriano

            Yeah, I actually do like Cimini, because he is insightful and does a great job of examining the entire roster in several of his pieces; there’s a lot of good stuff on that ESPN New York page. Meyers is New York’s version of Dan Saughnessy, which means he is a troll who posts columns that have 90% of the fan base going “What the heck?”. As for the Jets, I like the early rebuild, but I think they’ll be in the playoff discussion down the road and not right now. But the rivalry is still definitely on, just maybe not as fun as it used to be. It’s still great, tho, and you guys gave the Pats quite a scare in October when the Jets and Pats first met last year. What a close game that was.

          • matr dontelli iii

            i mentioned that cimini does show insight, i just don’t understand why he’s gotta be a wise guy so often, unless he’s just trying to fit in with the rest of the new york press. like him or hate him, rex, like belichek, is a smart coach. they both make mistakes. belichek overcomes his more easily due to greater talent and a long running system in place, not to mention he wasn’t a rookie when he arrived in new england and therefore has fewer to overcome. yet the press act like they know more than rex. ‘sheldon richardson doesn’t fit their system’ hmmm, do those guys maybe think that between the gm and hc (i’d mention dc but with rex there the dc is as relevand as the king of england) they might have discussed that a little bit before just selecting him? apparently not. cimini did give them a good grade on the draft, something many others didn’t. it’s possible, maybe likely, that we wind up with five starters out of this draft, milliner, richardson, smith, winters and bohannon not to mention ivory for another pick (negated by richardson for the pick they got for that injury-prone cornerback they shipped out.) meanwhile the daily news runs articles (and cimini has as well) criticizing the job the rookie gm is doing, blasting him for the garrard signing, when he had no money under the cap to operate, goodson getting arrested. poor goodson, he signs with the jets, hears all about how they lack weapons, tries to be a team player by bringing the heat and now he gets criticized! i like rex as a coach and think idzik may serve as the grownup n the room and keep him out of trouble. it’s real easy to make fun of him but is running with the bulls, which appatently his son wanted to do something to criticize him for. the foor thing? he’s crazy in love with his wife after all these years and they mock hkm for it. the tattoo thing. the guy is different. you gotta expect different from arguably a defensive genius. moving along, i didn’t rwalize the fansided sites seem to really lack reader contributions. i tead other jet blog sites that have exponentially more commenting than we do at jet press and i see you guys get less than we do. i like the way you guys do the around the afc east thing and i love that you seem to be fair. hiw is it we get fair fro you guys and can’t get fair from the new york press?

          • matr dontelli iii

            sorry this got sloppy at the end, my stupid tablet wouldn’t let me go back and edit it and it was too much typing to throw away. i’ll be reading your site and commenting from time to time, maybe more. if i ever get out of line please let me know. i’ll try to fix that last post when i get home and can use my laptop. that game last year that scared you gave us hope that at sme point we would right the ship, however with tony sparano as the captain of the ship there was no righting it. the thanksiving game was about as embarrasssing an evening as has ever existed in sports. it may not be equal payback for playoff elimination, especially on your home field, but it’s gotta come close. replacing sparano with marty combined with rex’s defense gives us hope for this year. the offense cannot possibly be as bad as it was lasy year.

          • Joe Soriano

            Thanks, it’s all good. Hiring Sparano was a disaster waiting to happen, and it just made Rex look bad. I’ve always been a fan of Rex in this space, and I feel like several Pats fans just go too far. It’s fine to talk smack about him (you know, not being serious), but he’s actually a really good coach (refer to Hal’s comment about the 45-3 bounce-back) and gives the Pats a lot of credit in his press conferences. He gets painted as some boorish, stupid loudmouth, but he’s honestly a good football coach. His brother Rob? Well, the jury’s still out on him as a DC imo. And thanks for the kind words, appreciate it. Glad to hear that you’ll be sticking around for Jets articles, and it’s always fun to get rival fans commenting.

        • Hal Bent

          Thanks for the kind words, Matr. I may stray time-to-time with a bit of sarcasm, but that’s just because I’m still bitter that Rex came back from a 45-3 drubbing and out-coached and the Jets players outplayed the Pats in the playoffs…I interact with a lot of Jets fans on twitter too, they keep me on my toes and I love that they don’t let me get away with any baloney. :)

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