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Aaron Hernandez: Recent Speculation

Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez (81) reaches for a pass. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was another day of television news crews parked in front of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s house and breaking news with reports of police officers entering the house and exiting with what is presumably evidence in their investigation into the murder of Odin Lloyd. After a slow news day on Friday as the talking heads basically had nothing new to report, no helicopters tracking Hernandez or reporters rushing him for a comment when he steps outside, and the news stations, Internet, Twitter, and other media sources are back in full “media circus” mode.


Two interesting pieces of information came out of all the media chaff regarding the investigation.  On ESPN’s SportsCenter program, legal analyst Roger Cossack was brought on to speak about the Aaron Hernandez situation and provide information about the police searching Hernandez’s house. In regards to the search activity he stated”


“I think this is part of ratcheting up pressure on Hernandez. The fact that the arrest warrant hasn’t been served, but a search warrant is being served, to me is like the police sending signals more and more, saying ‘We’re getting closer, we’re getting closer. We want your cooperation. That’s why the arrest warrant hasn’t been served.”


In addition, when the host asked Cossack about what he thought would happen next after the search today, Cossack stated:


“The fact that Hernandez has not responded yet indicates to me, at least, that there is some serious discussion going on with his attorney. Because no attorney who had the opportunity to self-surrender a client, and work out a deal for him, particularly when you’re talking about a crime of this type – any attorney would want to do it.”


There has been speculation that a deal may be worked out by Hernandez’s attorney and the police to prevent an arrest and have Hernandez volunteer information in exchange for a plea bargain.  Of course, as the NFL did with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, a suspension would likely happen even if there is a plea deal where Hernandez is able to work something out where he is not arrested or charged. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not shy about suspending players for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.  If Roethlisberger got six games in 2010, a league suspension for Hernandez, even as a first time offender, would presumably start at 4 to 6 games and possibly more if there is an arrest of Hernandez in the case.


The other item of interest was from that refers to itself as the “World’s Most Popular Sports Gossip site”.  According to the site, Aaron Hernandez’s fiance Shayanna Jenkins–sister of Shaneah Jenkins, who reportedly dated the victim, Odin Lloyd at some point–has an uncle named Matthew Littleman (Little Man, as a nickname apparently)  Jenkins who is allegedly one of the people who was with Hernandez’s house Tuesday with police (it stated in the post that  “I came across an article”, but no link–a quick search online for Matthew Jenkins and Aaron Hernandez did not shed any light to this alleged “article” mentioned but not cited); however, it later links to an article in the Hartford Courant from 1996 that Matthew “Little Man” Jenkins was involved in a gang-related drive-by shooting in Bristol, CT (Hernandez and his fiance were in the same graduating class in high school) and had already served 3.5 years for “the sale of hallucinogenic narcotics and violation of parole”.


According to this gossip site, this is apparently a dispute between Aaron Hernandez’s fiance’s family and his fiance’s sister’s boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, Odin Lloyd, that resulted in his murder. This would explain Hernandez’s involvement as far as his being with Odin Lloyd, but raises more questions regarding his alleged involvement with these future in-laws.  This is all speculation regarding the family connection, as there has been nothing reported of this link by any major media outlets and there was no confirmation of who the other two parties allegedly seen with Hernandez on the night of the murder of Odin Lloyd.  Time will tell if this is an accurate report, as new details in the case continue to come out, but it is certainly an interesting theory.

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  • Paul V. Suffriti

    Gossip and speculation…..I’ll wait for Hernandez to spill the beans…..Boston lingo.

    • unclealfie

      This media circus will go on all summer. I hope someone’s charging the scum-sucking media to park all over his neighborhood.

  • Joe Willie

    No beans to spill—Hernandez killed the guy the hand writing is on the wall–read it—meantime good luck with Tebow at TE–he’s a 3rd string NFL QB no TE

    • Bennny K

      C’mon you know Tebow will be starting. Jesus is on his side and someone needs to be the savior of the Pats and all the sinners. Lol. The team truly is a circus, next you’ll see Kraft with his young girl hanging with Kardashian talking about how Humphries stole Kim’s heart.

      • Hal Bent

        Awesome! I’m sure Belichick will use this as motivation for the other 89 players to rally around as an “us against them” mantra. As long as Kraft isn’t doing any more “acting” with his girlfriend, we’re all better off! :D

        • Bennny K

          You mean other 52, right?

          • Hal Bent

            I figure BB has to address this to the team on day one of training camp (Of course, but we don’t know which 53 (46 active) out of the 90 in camp right now will make the team since there are always some fun surprises at cutdown.)

          • Joe Soriano

            Benny, there are 90 players on a training camp roster, the cutdown doesn’t happen until the calendar flips from August to September.

      • Joe Soriano

        Being a media circus isn’t an issue. Being a circus in the locker room is the real issue, and that’s what most people meant when talking about the Jets “circus”. At least, that’s the most important thing. As long as the locker room is fine (which it always is in NE), then I’m not worried at all.

        • Joe Willie

          The Jets circus was all about the media—so much time and so little news–they make the syit up.

    • unclealfie

      You are a total, complete nitwit. So, you’re ready to send a guy to prison, without trial, based on…what? BS speculation that you’ve read in the paper? Please do not reproduce

      • Joe Soriano

        Don’t go too far there haha, but I agree that it is ludicrous to presume someone as guilty when he hasn’t been charged yet. Hernandez could very well have been an accomplice or done the deed, but there isn’t anything truly concrete on him yet. Now is not the time for knee-jerk opinions. We’ll see how things shake out. While it definitely doesn’t look good, the best we can do is hold off on incrimination or even outright defense. We don’t know.

    • tickyul

      Plea-deal……Hernandez gets slapped with 3rd degree manslaughter and does no jail time.

  • Joe Willie

    killed this guy pretty simple to see that—the cops are waiting to get
    all the evidence collected then charge him with murder- or they would
    have arrested the future former pats TE already for obstruction.

  • Hal Bent

    If Hernandez killed anyone, believe me I will be at the front of the line demanding life in prison for him. If he’s an accomplice in the crime, ditto that I will demand punishment. If he’s so stupid as to cover up for a friend or future in-law, then he’s an idiot for putting his career in jeopardy and should be suspended for being so stupid and giving the organization a big black eye.
    I am in the camp that Tebow is here as 3rd QB, not TE. If the Patriots need another tight end, Dallas Clark and David Thomas are still out there and both would fit their offense in Hernandez’s role much better than someone who has zero experience in the position. I would not be surprised to see Clark or Thomas in Foxboro by training camp.
    Thank you as always for reading and taking the time to comment, I appreciate it and enjoy the interaction! :-)

  • Joe Willie

    The class act Pats dont look so good now and the trivial media circus attacks against the Jets dont look bad at all.

  • Joe Willie

    Did that wussie Kraft get his ring back from the Russian autocrat yet? If Patton were alive he’d slap Kraft’s face and take away his stripper GF. Lots of class these Pats. The moon, the planets and the stars are alining the NY Jets way in 2013 ;)

    • Hal Bent

      That’s a hysterical visual…thinking of a Bob Kraft-Putin fist-fight made me laugh out loud. :-)

  • Kevin

    Why isn’t he arrested yet he is obviously guilty of something. If he didn’t shoot him he ordered the shooting. Lock him up.

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