Dec. 23, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) runs off the field after the game against the San Diego Chargers at MetLife Stadium. Chargers won 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

No Circus, No Problem For Tebow And The Pats

When I heard that the New England Patriots had signed Tim Tebow I nearly dropped dead. This was easily the most unexpected move the Patriots have made in the last five years in my opinion. I know that some people have said that this makes the most sense for both parties and stuff like that, but to me this came as a huge surprise.

My first reaction to this was “what the hell is Belichick thinking!”. But after thinking it over, I have calmed down and I really don’t mind Belichick making this move. My basic thinking is this: the Patriots need a third string QB right now because Mike Kafka was released today. I don’t respect Tebow’s ability to play QB in this league, but he is good enough to play as a third stringer. So, because of this, I think that Belichick saw a guy that the Pats could go out and get at a cheap price to come and backup Tom Brady and Ryan Mallet. There are a lot of people saying that he is going to play fullback, or tight end or something like that and I think that is way off. Belichick is a very intelligent guy and I think he knows what he is doing. The Patriots are loaded at tight end, and they never really need a fullback. This is without even mentioning the fact that Tebow has expressed to the media that he does not want to switch positions. So because of those reasons, I highly doubt that Tebow plays a position other than quarterback.

If the Patriots do indeed keep Tebow at QB, then I don’t see any problem with this signing as long as one thing happens. As long as there is no circus surrounding Tebow and the Patriots throughout the 2013 season. We saw what this did to the Jets last season, and I really don’t want that to happen to the Pats. Now, there are a few differences between these two situations. The first is that there will be zero QB controversy here in New England, and if anybody disagrees then they have no business talking about football. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the league as far as I’m concerned, and Tim Tebow is not in the same universe as him. However the way I see it, Tebow is a guy that is going to bring attention to himself no matter what the circumstances are. Even if he is a third string quarterback I think he will try to get the media surrounding him once again. But I was talking to Musketfire’s very own Christopher Field on twitter today, and he brought up a very good point. If there is one place on earth where ‘Tebow Mania’ can be halted, it is Foxboro, Massachusetts. Bill Belichick is the best in the business at forcing his team to be tight-lipped, and hopefully he can work his magic once again with Tebow.

If the Patriots can avoid the circus that came to the Jets and the Broncos, then I think this move was a good one for them, because they get a solid third string quarterback at a very low price (numbers not released yet). Amid all of this talk about Tebow, let us remember one thing. Bill Belichick is one of the smartest men to ever step foot on a football field, and when in doubt we have to trust him.

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  • Paul V. Suffriti

    “I highly doubt that Tebow plays a position other than quarterback”.

    I have a hard time buying into this statement. Why bring in a controversial player only to sit on the bench as a third string QB. Why waste the time and effort? I believe BB has plans for him on offense that will add a certain advantage during a game. He could be the HB on short yardage for blocking on play action or take the hand-off and get the first down or TD. BB sees value in Tebow but not as a third string bench warmer. The Pats have had years where they only carried two QBs on the 53-man roster.

    • Cyrus Geller

      The problem I see if BB plays him elsewhere is that will bring the media back into play. They will have questions as to why he is playing there and how much he is playing there, and why isn’t he playing more. Questions like that which will bring the ‘Tebow Mania’ thing back and that would not be good for NWE.

      • Hal Bent

        I don’t know, Cyrus, I’m kinda looking forward to the “Belichick stare” when some national reporter asks him specific questions about Tebow that Fox or Ryan always answered for them.

        • Cyrus Geller

          Oh there is no doubt that Bill will give a lot of stares if that happens, but the attention that Tebow brings wherever he goes is incredible. However I do agree that I really don’t think that there will be a big circus because of how the Pats organization is set up. But the possibility really scares me.

      • Paul V. Suffriti

        Why bother having Tebow on the team if he is only sitting on the bench adding no value to the team. I see value in Tebow more than just a third string bench warmer. Like I said, why waste the time and effort if he is going to be just the third string QB?

        • Cyrus Geller

          I think that BB saw an opportunity to grab a solid 3rd string QB at a cheap price. It also give BB an opportunity to see how Tebow actually looks in camp. That is more than any other team in the NFL can say. Maybe Tebow looks awful and BB cuts him in 2 days, but the main thing is he gets a chance to see how he looks.

          • Paul V. Suffriti

            We will see…..I think Tebow will have more involvement with the offense than just a good third string QB…..

  • Hal Bent

    I think (trying to be logical and rational here (as my brain keeps screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”) that the move–purely as a 3rd string QB decision over Mike Kafka–it makes too much sense. Heck, it’s no guarantee that Tebow makes the 53 man roster at this point.

    I completely agree as far as the circus, with Brady at QB its not like its an ineffective Kyle Orton or incredibly inadequate Mark Sanchez ahead of him. Anyone chanting for Tebow over Brady will be likely greeted with a warm beer shower from the season ticket holders in their #12 jerseys (as they well should be).

    It sounds like Josh McDaniels obviously is still infatuated with Tebow, and has enough power from BB to bring in Tebow to work on as a developmental project at least during training camp. Whether he makes the team, is moved out of the QB position, or is there just to practice during the week against pistol match-ups is an unknown at this time–and its not likely Belichick is going to get up at the podium tomorrow and talk about numbers of plays designed for him like Sexy Rexy Ryan did last year.

  • Joe Willie

    Belichick is just looking to divert attention from his declining
    team–Brady a yr older—-Gronk hurt yet again–Wes Welker gone to the
    mountains –
    Belichick cant seem to get a decent defense on the field
    without Parcells picking the players for him–Belichick sees himself as
    this great football innovator the truth is he’s not–Tom Landry
    was—Landry brought back the shotgun QB, flee flicker pass-1st to
    implement a situational 3rd down RB Preston Pearson and creator of the
    flex defense–Bill Walsh created the West coast offense High % passing
    letting the WR turning short passes into tds–Bill Belichick brought
    back the drop kick with Doug Flutie -he’s a legend in his own mind.