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Stevan Ridley talks Bernard Pollard hit

We all remember watching New England Patriots feature back Stevan Ridley lowering his head just a little, and then seeing Baltimore Ravens strong safety and Patriots Public Enemy No. 1 Bernard Pollard leveling Ridley. Knocked out cold, the ball spilled out from Ridley and was recovered by the Patriots. But in that moment, the most important and scary thing was watching Ridley lying on the ground, motionless. Thankfully he was fine, but it was an extremely scary moment for New England Patriots fans.

Stevan Ridley talked about the Pollard hit with ESPN’s Steve Levy. In the interview, Ridley showed a lot of class and even wished the best for the Baltimore Ravens and Bernard Pollard. I’ve made my thoughts known on Pollard more than a few times on this site, and I believe some of the comments directed at him from Patriots fans (almost all of the comments, really) are unwarranted and over-the-top. Although a play like the one on Ridley was a devastating one, it was just a “football play” and there wasn’t a malicious intent on Pollard’s part. Give credit to Ridley for realizing that and saying a classy and intelligent statement to Levy. This is why I love the Riddler.

When asked about what he remembers after the hit he said, “Being completely honest, not much, man. Running the football, unfortunately it’s what comes with the sport that we play. It’s a contact sport. He just came down and made a play, tried to make a physical tackle, and that’s what he did. Unfortunately it was me. You hate it any time to see a player go out like that, but it was me this time. All I can say is that I can bounce back and I live to see another day. And I’m thankful.”

These quotes from Ridley help put a bad memory in perspective, and it makes me think even more highly of Ridley. He said all the right things in that interview, and I encourage you to watch the video and the write-up from ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss. I also enjoyed his quote on “patting eachother on the back”, so I encourage you to click on the piece above to hear/read more from Ridley.

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  • Christine Jacobia

    I find your comments directed at Pats fans unnecessary! As someone who commented on the play, I know that the play was legal BUT I don’t think any play or tackle that results in a player being knocked out cold should be ….the NFL is constantly talking about player safety but plays like that being legal hits shows that the NFL is full of wind…all talk, no action. I am just glad that Ridley is okay. As a mother of sons around his age, I was horrified that there was no whistle with him laying there motionless! To expect a player who is knocked out to hold onto the ball goes beyond reason and it SEEMED like an eternity before Ridley got help. In the name of safety, the NFL has to ban ALL helmet to helmet contact…period!

    • Joe Soriano

      Which comments directed at Pats fans do you find unnecessary? These comments are directed in general and not necessarily towards just Pats fans specifically.

    • Tim Dillon

      The hit brought up a lot of opinions such as yours. It was brutal and normally I think the hate towards Pollard would be undeserved since he just made a play, but the fact that he has injured 3 other key Patriots players before makes all of the hate and comments valid. He predicted the NFL will cease to exist in 30 years and if people keep playing like him I agree. Ridley should have gotten help sooner and the Ravens jumping around him didn’t help. Unfortunately though, helmet to helmet contact can’t be eliminated completely because the running back would be nearly untouchable cutting through the offensive line.

  • Michael D. Wright

    Patriots fans GET OVER IT. You hate the guy because he hits your soft players who aren’t used to getting hit like football players. You’d love to have him on your team. I find it laughable that so many of you are still bitter five years later.

    • Joe Soriano

      It’s funny that you mention it, because on ESPN Boston a few Pats fans agreed with a commentator who said, “Let’s be honest, you would love Pollard if he played on our team.” Then another commenter said, “We should get him so he doesn’t injure any more of our players.” I have nothing against Pollard, just hate the irony that it always has to be him injuring a Pats player. I have nothing against the guy, and there are a solid number of Pats fans who don’t. We just mostly complain about how this same junk always happens haha.