NESN Writer Throws Hail Mary, Falls Incomplete


This offseason has been full of moronic articles and opinion pieces masquerading as news pieces regarding Tom Brady and his relationship with the Patriots. Everything from he doesn’t care anymore about football because he’s now spending time with his family out west, to his supposed eroding skills, to his displeasure with the Pats over his contract, to even the possibility of Brady holding out of training camp. As bad as those articles were, none of those compare to the asinine piece I read on yesterday. The writer (Jessica Isner), despite spending her collegiate writing career at Boston College, obviously knows nothing about New England sports fans and their love affair with Tom Brady. In her piece entitled, Without Championship, Tom Brady May Be Distancing Himself from Patriots Fans, she alleges that Brady has gone too “Hollywood” for Pats fans and they are growing discontented over the quarterback not winning a Super Bowl since 2004. I kid you not. Here’s an excerpt:

“Almost 10 years later, that perennial underdog is virtually unrecognizable. Brady won three rings and two Super Bowl MVPs, he embarked on some embarrassing Hollywood dalliances (Tara Reid) and some not-so-embarrassing dalliances (Bridget Moynahan) before deciding to settle down with the one person in the world who gets paid more to pose in swimwear than he does.

Now, Brady’s rags-to-riches tale has reached a new level of riches. He has officially gone Hollywood, and in the aftermath, Patriots Nation — whether it likes to admit it or not — has struggled with one question: Has Brady’s new lifestyle impeded his on-the-field performance? “

Before I continue, a question to everyone out there, including Ms. Isner: How many of you are the same person you were 10 years ago? One more excerpt:

“The region is already growing restless. Whether fans want to admit it or not, some of them question whether Brady will ever be the same guy who fearlessly led the Patriots to those Super Bowl wins over the Rams, Panthers and Eagles with ice in his veins. They wonder what changed — they wonder whether the problem is the knee injury or the Hollywood persona that Brady has adopted.”

Really? The man has the second-best statistical season ever in his career and we supposedly are wondering what his problem is? I was unaware that Brady was playing on the defensive line against the Ravens in the playoffs when Ray Rice ripped that long run that took the wind right out of the Pats’ sails. Perhaps Ms. Isner didn’t notice that the defense is not the same cast of characters it used to be, yet the Brady-led offense has kept the team a playoff contender despite the defensive re-tooling?

The Brady’s gone Hollywood thing irks me to no end. How many commercials can you find Tom Brady in when you turn on the TV? How may TV spots can find Brady and Justin Timberlake together in? Oh wait, that’s Peyton Manning! Brady has done some photo spreads and magazine ads, but I would hardly consider that “going Hollywood.” Is he spending his offseason time on the West Coast around Hollywood? Yes…his f’n family is there! I would have far more questions about Tom Brady if he was spending all of his time here while his family was out on the west coast, and his children were sans father!

Please Ms. Isner, and the rest of the so called “journalists” out there: Give us Patriots fans some credit. We are clambering for the team to re-sign TB so that he can retire a Patriot. We are GLAD TB is a family man. Is he different now? YES! He’s no longer a bachelor. He’s a married man with a family, and his priorities will shift as such. If you can stand reading the article, check the reader comments at the end. That will tell you how Pats fans feel about Tom Brady.

Luckily, another NESN writer, Michael Hurley, has said, “Enough is enough,” and squashes all of this ridiculous talk in his recent article, which you can read here.

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