Patriots Fantasy Land draft

Many times, fans write into sports blogs or message boards with trade scenarios that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Trades such as, “Let’s trade Laurence Maroney for Brandon Marshall” or some other foolishness gets knocked around when it would have no possibility of happening. This is even more fervent in baseball, where trades happen much more frequently than in the NFL. That being said, it’s fun to toss out trade scenarios and dream a little dream that they may actually come true. I was thinking about various trade scenarios and draft picks and put together what I call the “Patriots Fantasy Land Draft.” I did try to keep these scenarios based somewhat in reality, though I absolutely do NOT think that these could actually happen. Have some fun with it, tell me how dumb I am, and feel free to put out your own dream scenarios in the comments section.

  • At number 22 overall, the Patriots select Texas DE/OLB Sergio Kindle. If Kindle falls, which is less likely now that Miami lost Jason Taylor, he is the ideal fit at OLB for the Pats.
  • The Patriots trade back into the first round with the Dallas Cowboys and select a free-falling WR, Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant. The Patriots trade their own 2011 first round pick and their second round pick, #53 overall. According to the Draft Value Chart, even if the Pats’ first next year is #32, the Cowboys make out in the deal value-wise.
  • The Patriots make a pick at #44 overall in the second round for the best player available. Perhaps they select Cal DE Tyson Alualu, who may even go in the first round. He can fill in for the departed Richard Seymour and Jarvis Green in the 3-4 front.
  • The Patriots trade their #47 overall pick in Round 2 to the Chicago Bears for TE Greg Olsen and the Bears’ 75th overall pick in Round 3. Depending on what value the Bears place on Olsen, this could legitimately happen or the Pats may only snag the Bears’ 4th round pick in the deal. Either way if this trade were to happen, the Pats’ pick is too valuable to be a one-for-one swap for Olsen.

Coming out of just the first two rounds, the Pats would have gotten themselves an OLB in Kindle, WR (and best in the draft) in Bryant, DE in Alualu, and a young veteran TE in Olsen. I would consider the draft an early success, not even knowing what the Pats do later on. Again, this is a Fantasy Land draft, but it’s fun to dream. :)

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  • John

    I think an interesting trade would be if we were able to trade our 2010 1st Rounder (22nd), one of our 2011 1st rounders (preferably our own), and one of our 2010 2nd rounders for the 2nd overall pick in 2010. In the end we would have Suh (the best player in this draft and fills our DE need), still have 2 2nd round picks in 2010 and still have a 1st rounder in 2011 (hopefully Oakland’s).

  • Kevros

    I still think Dez Bryant is going to go in the top 14.

  • P Unit

    Love the scenario but I’m not sure the Pats will be willing to pay for 2 1st rounders and whatever Olsen makes versus 1 1st rounder and 3 2nd rounders

  • jamie

    John: The only problem I see with your scenario is the salary the Patriots would be have to pay an unproven player. Fast forward to next year with a possible rookie salary cap in place, and they probably pull the trigger on that.

    P Unit: The salaries for late-first rounders aren’t anything like guys drafted in the top 10, and Greg Olsen is still operating under his rookie contract, so his salary is actually pretty manageable. I can’t remember the exact figure off-hand.

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