Media owes Moss an apology

After the Carolina Panthers game Week 14 and a less-than-stellar performance by Randy Moss, the sports media launched a barrage of attacks at Randy Moss, accusing him of “dogging it” and “taking plays off.” I kind of walked the fence on the issue and noted that Moss was very “un-Moss-like” but that the locker room was behind him. Kevin Faulk, Tom Brady, and especially Bill Belichick were firmly behind Moss after the game and for the entire season. We all know that Randy had a back injury that could have limited him, but there was much more to the story.

Randy Moss played most of the season with a separated shoulder. According to reports, he injured his shoulder Week 5 during the Denver Broncos game but didn’t miss any games this season. He was on the injury report for a little while with what was just listed as a “shoulder injury,” but its severity was not known. Despite playing most of the season with a hurt shoulder and back, Moss finished the year with 83 catches for 1,264 yards and 13 touchdowns. Not bad. With an injury like this, Moss would probably not have been able to extend his injured arm fully and thus could not make those spectacular catches we have grown accustomed to. His injury was not completely disclosed (no surprise with Belichick), which was likely to protect Moss from defenders targeting his injury and for Moss to still command the attention of two defenders. He likely was never intended to get the ball numerous times because of his injury, he knew it, and thus was just a decoy. Either way, everyone should give credit to Moss for his toughness.

So will the sports pundits retract their statements and apologize? Will local writers Dan Shaughnessy apologize to Moss after articles calling him out? How about you Bob Ryan? Cris Carter? Peter King from SI called him “soft.” Any apologies? Guys? Oh wait, those are just crickets. It shows goes to show that you never have all of the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to what’s going on in an NFL game unless you’re a player or a coach. Maybe these clowns will think twice before attacking a player….yeah probably not.

  • jo

    from the beginning i was behind moss 100% he didn’t look like himself… i guess father time is the only defender he cant outrun or jump over… as for the media hacks they need to grow a set and apologize because almost every media outlet assassinated dude’s character without all the facts… soft(except kickers punters)is the worst thing you can call a football player… these former high school nerds need to apologize

  • jamie


    I couldn’t agree more. When I commented on Moss’ performance during the Panthers game, I noted the stats but also noted the strong backing Moss had in the locker room. I don’t think Belichick sugar coats anything or plays to anybody’s ego (see Adailus Thomas), so if he was backing Moss there had to be something going on. I think Jim Mora said it best in a press conference about the media and what goes on in a football game:

    “You don’t know what we’re trying to do. You guys don’t look at films. You don’t know what happened. You really don’t know. You think you do, but you really don’t know, and you never will.”

  • jo

    yep it explains the shots BB took at the panthers and it also explains why randy was so upset at the podium when he said you can put the world on his shoulders(actually hinting at an injury) here are some other facts… Remember Cris Carters slanderous ranting??? All came because last summer, carter sent his brother to Moss’ facility in florida….asking if his son [ Ohio State freshman receiver]could train w/Moss, kassim Osgood and others…Randy told him to ..’get lost’, because of previous backstabbing..Cris Carter went nuts.

    3 Late gate issues….At 6:40 AM…Moss sent pictures to Belichicks Admin asst and Belichick…showing a massive accidents scene, w/ambulance and school bus…showing this…and saying ‘he could not move’. he was just made an example of

  • jamie

    Makes sense. I agree with Belichick sending Moss home if he was sending other players home. You can’t play favorites. That would have done 10 times the damage to the locker room that supposedly that incident did.