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Brady and Light Open Up

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With no games to play since being eliminated from the playoffs Wild Card weekend, QB Tom Brady and LT Matt Light have gotten around to charity events and TV appearances. While out on the circuit, they have seemed a little more loose-lipped than during the season when they are under Belichick’s gag order. Tom Brady was the most revealing at a charity event for the Boston Centers for Youth and Families, where he opened up about his injuries, his contract, and a Patriot-less post season.

On his injuries…

I’m feeling good. I really am. I’m excited I don’t have to have surgery this offseason. I remember where I was at a year ago at this time and there were all these concerns about whether I was going to play this year. I was never concerned about that. I tried to tell you guys, but it’s nice to be in an offseason where I really feel like I can get started right away.”

On his contract, where he is entering the final year on his deal…

With my contract?. I really don’t like … we’re so fortunate to be playing. I think we’re way overpaid as it is; all of us. We get to go play football for a living. I love playing and I’m very fortunate to play, and I’m very fortunate to walk off the field this year and end the season without having surgery. That’s not really a concern….We have the greatest job in the world and I have the greatest job in the world. I love being here and I love Boston, I love the city, I love the community, that’s where our home is….I’m under contract and I signed a six-year contract five years ago. There are a lot of players that end up being in my situation. There is a lot of uncertainty with the league and being a player rep now, I realize all the different issues that we’re facing. It’s a really unique time in the league and as a team player, I don’t sit here saying ‘What about me, What about me?’ I’m under contract and I’m going to go out there and play and play my butt off.”

Personal note: Isn’t that refreshing? So many professional athletes seem to be such me-first players that make huge amounts of money, only to want more. My prediction: he will sign a new deal, certainly not a small one, but one that will be considered “below market” for a player of his caliber.

On the why the team is out of the playoffs…

You never want to rationalize a season, but in reality we didn’t deserve it. We didn’t earn it. The teams that are in it, they earned it. When I watched yesterday, you can see why. They play well, they’re tough, they’re physical, they’re smart, they’re disciplined. I hope all the players on our team looked at that and said ‘OK, well, this is where we have to measure ourselves by and how are we going to get to that level?’”

Matt Light made the rounds all over ESPN today, having a chat on, appearing on “Mike and Mike in the Morning,” and sitting down with Trey Wingo on NFL Live. Here are some of the more noteworthy things Light touched on:

On the injury he suffered during the season…

Matt Light dislocated his knee and did some damage to his MCL. That’s nothing you can walk off for sure, and I’m a little surprised that he not only came back, but came back and played at a high level.  he certainly struggled with some of the better pass rushers, but that has been the knock on him for years. Give him credit for toughness (though I still think that it may be time for Sebastian Vollmer to take over at left tackle and move Light to right tackle).

On how he feels about possibly playing right tackle…

I do whatever the coach wants me to do and it’s that simple.” So I suppose he wouldn’t mind the switch with Vollmer. It may just prolong his time with the Patriots, provided he also reworks his contract.

On the infamous 4th-and-2 call during the Colts game…

Light stated that it was a controversial call but not one that deviated from the team’s philosophy about going out and making the play. I feel that Light is also convinced that Kevin Faulk made the first down and that the Pats got a bad spot. “Kevin made that play. Whether you want to spot him first down or not, I mean he made the play he (it) just didn’t end up being the right distance for him on that time.”

On how to improve the team…

Light feels that the players, mostly, are in place, but they need to be more mentally and physically tough. He also feels that the players need to spend more time together in the offseason, I would assume to develop chemistry and work on the mental aspects that the younger players may be lacking at the present time.

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