"Is This Real Or Is It Memorex"?

For all of you that haven’t heard the news it’s official again, Brett Favre is retired.  But we’ve been down this road before.  So what’s the big question on our minds.  “Is this real or is it Memorex”?  Yes, that was lame, and a rip off from the commercials that hounded us back in the 70’s and 80’s.  But it does help make my point, so it works for me.

I mean it wasn’t that long ago, in fact it was less than a year ago.  That Favre cried his eyes out and stated he was walking away.  From the game that he so loved.  And then BAM, he realizes he made a mistake.  And the whole saga of “he said-they said” began in the media.  Which lasted for months, but seemed more like years. 

Since each time you turned the TV, Radio or the Internet on we had another new Favre/Green Bay headline.  So with him announcing his retirement yet AGAIN, from the NFL and this time the New York Jets.  Can we buy it this time around, or take it to the bank?  Or do we all pray that this doesn’t become another media circus like last time. 

Personally my thoughts are I hope it’s for real this time.  I for one can’t take dealing with it another time.  I’m sure fans in NY, don’t want to experience the same emotional roller coaster ride.  Just like fans of the Green Bay Packers went through.  Also can his reputation handle another fiasco?  I think not, especially since he lost integrity the last time this happened.

It’s in his best interest to stand by his words this time.  He needs to walk away from the game with some meaning and truth to his word.  Allow people to start their great “Brett” debates.

  1. Was he the greatest QB ever?
  2. Is he in the top 10 all-time?
  3. Is he first ballot HOF material?
  4. Who’d he screw more the Packers or Jets?
  5. Will GB fans ever forgive or forget him?

Those are just a few of the great “Brett” debates that I’m sure are taking place somewhere in the country tonight.  Regardless of what others might think, he’s in my top 15 of the greatest QB’s ever.  But for some strange reason if he changes his mind this time around, I’ll toss him in a heartbeat. 

Well Mr. Favre, good luck and I wish you the best in the future.  Also a year from now I personally don’t feel like covering yet another “farewell speech” from you.  While asking myself  “Is this real or is it Memorex” all over again, lol.

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