What tight end should the New England Patriots target in the draft?

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The New England Patriots are in desperate need of a tight end. Not having any production from the position in 2019 has shown the Patriots this fact.

The New England Patriots are currently sitting on the 23rd overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

As there were many inconsistencies with their offense this season, one of the biggest blows to the team was enduring life without Rob Gronkowski.  Up until last season, Tom Brady has always had a tight end as his security blanket, and not having that type of weapon in his arsenal really affected him this season.

Really since Gronk entered the league in 2010, the tight end position has astronomically altered the overall game of football. They’re more than just big bodies who can block at the end of the line. This new generation of tight ends are more versatile, athletic, and have made it a skill-set type of position.

The position has also become one of the most important to an offense. Having a tight end who can block for the running game and get to the second level is very much necessary in today’s NFL, while also being able to run routes and help move the chains through the air. There’s more pressure on the shoulders of these guys than we all take account for.

Although the New England Patriots are going to have many positions to fill this offseason, obtaining a tight end needs to be at the very top of their ‘To Do List.’ A strong and reliable tight end is a key factor to a thriving Tom Brady-led offense.

There will be some great tight ends coming out of this year’s draft, and the Patriots need to draft one of them.

Let’s take a look at a few potential first-round-worthy tight ends for the New England Patriots to draft this spring.

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