Should The Patriots Go After Arian Foster?

The top two needs for the Patriots this offseason are receivers and the offensive line. I don’t think you will find many Patriots fans that will disagree on that front. However when it comes to that third need, a lot of folks have a lot of different opinions. Some think the Pats need to add depth to the tight end position, some want an edge rusher because of Chandler Jones‘ contract situation, and others want to add to their running back depth.

That last thought is very interesting, mainly because of who is available in free agency right now at running back. Matt Forte and Arian Foster headline the list, and a lot of fans have been clamoring for the team to target Foster once free agency opens.

My personal opinion? No thanks.

When you look at the Patriots running back depth right now, I agree it isn’t great. They definitely need to either re-sign LeGarrette Blount, or get someone else to be a bruiser on first and second down. However they will be getting Dion Lewis back, and if you remember, Lewis was one of the most dominating offensive players in the league when he was healthy last season. New England will also have James White and Brandon Bolden to play with, both very good third down backs as well.

My point is, I don’t want an old, injury-prone, washed up Foster as my main bruising back to get yards between the tackles. In his prime, he was unreal, but he is far past his prime. I would much rather see the Pats bring in someone like Alfred Morris, Blount, or possibly have a reunion with Stevan Ridley than Foster.

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