Patriots vs. Broncos Injury Report: 16 Patriots Questionable

Here is the injury report for the AFC Championship between the Patriots and Broncos:

16 questionable players obviously isn’t ideal, but I think this is positive news overall for the Pats. They had perfect attendance in practice for the second consecutive day, as it appears they are finally getting healthy at the right time. Everyone is dealing with injuries at this point in the season, so it isn’t that much of a surprise to see so many limited practice participants.

The two players I would keep my eye on come game-time are Jamie Collins and Matthew Slater, simply because their injuries both came last week against the Chiefs. Both are listed as questionable, and I think both will play, but it will interesting to see how they look on the field. Collins will be a key guy in particular, because stopping Denver’s zone run game is priority number one for New England, and Collins’ unique athleticism will be needed to slow them down.

As for the Broncos, not too much to report on the injury situation, other than it appears Chris Harris will be playing, albeit in a limited fashion. I think that is a matchup the Pats can exploit, especially if Harris tries covering Julian Edelman 1-on-1.