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Revis Valuable Mentor For Young Defensive Backs

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.  After a night of restlessness and frantic daytime hours spent awaiting the fate of superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis, the stress and excitement has finally subsided…for the most part, anyway.

The addition of Revis to the New England Patriots’ secondary not only puts them back in the arms race for AFC title contention, but also brings a professional and polished veteran presence to the locker room.  While Aqib Talib was undoubtedly talented, his personal conduct off the field remained a risk.  Revis poses no risky business and is the best position player you could ask for to help groom this young defensive secondary.

Logan Ryan and Alfonzo Dennard (second and third-year guys, respectively) should look to improve their own personal skill sets just by being around Revis on the field.  Having arguably the best lockdown corner in the game will allow Bill Belichick to reliably take away an opponent’s best receiver, with Ryan or Dennard getting over-the-top help from stud safety, Devin McCourty.

You’d be hard-pressed to say the offense won’t also improve.  Imagine being a receiver in practice drills, competing for the ball against a guy like Revis.  Small things like those can push this young crop of wideouts to develop into stronger weapons for Tom Brady.

Yeah, I think this is going to be exciting to watch.

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  • Mattia Rizzo

    Yeah, same thing I thought! Revis took a lot of cap space though, I don’t know how much cap space they can carve out of the roster but signing people like Jared Allen seems like a dream right now. For me it’s crucial that they bring in a pass-rusher and a TE like Scott Chandler and/or Ed Dickson to create depth. Let’s see!

  • Andy Scott

    The cap hit in year one will only be $7million. That currently leaves the team with about $10-$11M in free cap space right now (without any further cuts or restructuring of contracts).